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; (TGD) ; #!../rebol -cs REBOL [ Title: "RBBS - REBOL Bulletin Board Tutorial" File: %rbbs.r ; (TGD) ; Version: 1.0.0 Created: 14-Nov-2004 Date: 25-Jan-2005 Author: [ "Carl Sassenrath" "Gregg Irwin" "Volker Nitsch" "Tom Conlin" ] Copyright: "REBOL Technologies" License: "BSD (" Web: Note: "Go to the above URL for the tutorial document." Purpose: "A CGI Web Bulletin Board / Message Board" ; (TGD) ; Needs: "Serve-It! or any other webserver featuring REBOL CGI-Scripts." ; (TGD) ; Library: [ ; (TGD) ; level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: [tool] domain: [cgi html http] tested-under: [view on "AmigaOS" view on "Windows 2000"] support: none license: 'BSD see-also: "Serve-It!, at" ] ] ; (TGD) ; Modified by Dirk Weyand to work smoothly with Serve-It!, ; (TGD) ; the smart server-engine based on REBOL/View. ; (TGD) ; All modifications of the original script are marked with ; (TGD) ; ; (TGD) ; Download Serve-It! @ ; (TGD) ; print "content-type: text/html^/" ;-- Configuration Settings --------------------------------------------------- config: context [ title: "Simple REBOL Message Board" cgi-path: %/cgi-bin/rbbs.r base-dir: %../rbbs/ ; (TGD) ; Document-Root topic-id: join base-dir %id.r topic-db: join base-dir %topics.db msg-dir: join base-dir %messages/ html-template: join base-dir %template.html html-form: join base-dir %form.html max-days: 60 ; delete msgs older than this if... max-msgs: 100 ; max messages is reached. msg-order: none ; or 'new-first for reverse order tags-allowed: [<b> <i> <p> <br> <pre> <blockquote> <a> <font>] ] if not exists? config/msg-dir [make-dir/deep config/msg-dir] ;-- Various Utility Functions ------------------------------------------------ abort: false ; (TGD) ; quit or halt shutdowns REBOL based Servers attempt: func [ ; (TGD) ; function not implemented in REBOL/View {Tries to evaluate and returns result or NONE on error.} value][ if not error? set/any 'value try :value [get/any 'value]] remove-each: func [ ; (TGD) ; function not implemented in REBOL/View {Removes a value from a series for each block that returns TRUE.} 'word [get-word! word! block!] {Word or block of words to set each time (will be local)} data [series!] "The series to traverse" body [block!] "Block to evaluate. Return TRUE to remove." ][ while [not tail? data] [ set word first data either do body [remove data] [data: next data] ] unset word ] build-tag: func [ ; (TGD) ; fixed version of function implemented in REBOL/View "Generates a tag from a composed block." values [block!] "Block of parens to evaluate and other data." /local tag value-rule xml? name attribute value ][ tag: make string! 7 * length? values value-rule: [ set value issue! (value: mold value) | set value file! (value: replace/all copy value #" " " ") | set value any-type! ] xml?: false parse compose values [ [ set name ['?xml (xml?: true) | word!] (append tag name) any [ set attribute [word! | url!] value-rule ( repend tag [#" " attribute {="} value {"}] ) | value-rule (repend tag [#" " value]) ] end (if xml? [append tag #"?"]) ] | [set name refinement! to end (tag: mold name)] ] to tag! tag ] seconds: func [ ; (TGD) ; difference function in REBOL/View doesn´t support date! "Compute difference between dates in seconds." a [date!] "first date" b [date!] "second date" ] [ b - a * 86400 + (to decimal! b/time) - (to decimal! a/time) + (a/zone/hour - b/zone/hour * 3600) ] ; If not in CGI environment, set Test-Mode. test-mode: not system/options/cgi/request-method system/options/binary-base: 64 html: make string! 5000 emit: func [data] [append repend html data newline] href: func [data] [build-tag [a href (reduce data)]] ; href [name ".txt"] encode-html: func [ "Make HTML tags into HTML viewable escapes (for posting code)" text ][ foreach [from to] ["&" "&" "<" "<" ">" ">"] [ replace/all text from to ] ] ;-- Nicely Format the Date --------------------------------------------------- nice-date: func [ "Convert date/time to a friendly format." date [date!] /local n day time diff ][ n: now time: date/time diff: n/date - date/date if not day: any [ if diff < 2 [ time: to time! seconds date n ; TGD ; time: difference n date time/3: 0 return reform [time "hrs ago"] ] if diff < 7 [pick system/locale/days date/weekday] ][ day: form date/date if n/date/year = date/date/year [clear find/last day #"-"] ] join day [<br> time " ET"] ] ;-- Read CGI Request --------------------------------------------------------- read-cgi: func [ "Read CGI data. Return data as string or NONE." /limit size "Limit to this number of bytes" /local data buffer ][ if none? limit [size: 300000] switch system/options/cgi/request-method [ "POST" [data: system/script/args] ; (TGD) ; Serve-It! liefert POST-Data ; (TGD) ; per system/script/args an das CGI-script ; (TGD) ; "POST" [ ; (TGD) ; data: make string! 1020 ; (TGD) ; buffer: make string! 16380 ; (TGD) ; while [positive? read-io system/ports/input buffer 16380][ ; (TGD) ; append data buffer ; (TGD) ; clear buffer ; (TGD) ; if (length? data) > size [ ; (TGD) ; print ["aborted - posting is too long:" ; (TGD) ; length? data "limit:" size] ; (TGD) ; quit ; (TGD) ; ] ; (TGD) ; ] ; (TGD) ; ] "GET" [data: system/options/cgi/query-string] ] any [data ""] ; (TGD) ; ] ;-- Read HTML File Body ------------------------------------------------------ read-body: func [ "Extract the body contents of an HTML file." html [file!] ][ html: read html remove/part html find/tail find html "<BODY" ">" clear find html </BODY> html ] ;-- Send HTML Page to Browser ------------------------------------------------ show-page: func [ "Merge template with title and contents, and output it." title ; page title content ; page contents /local template ][ template: read config/html-template replace/all template "$title" title replace/all template "$date" now/date replace/all template "$version" system/script/header/version replace template "$content" content either test-mode [ write %temp-page.html template browse %temp-page.html ; (TGD) ; halt ][ print template ; (TGD) ; quit ] abort: true ; (TGD) ; ] show-error: func [ "Tell user about an error." block "Block to be formed." ][ show-page "An Error Occurred..." reform block ] ;-- Filter HTML Tags --------------------------------------------------------- filter-tags: func [ "Filter HTML to only allow specific tags." page [string!] /local block extended ][ block: load/markup page extended: make block! length? block foreach tag config/tags-allowed [append extended append to-string tag " "] remove-each item block [ if tag? item [ not any [ find config/tags-allowed item ; allow </tag> all [item/1 = slash find config/tags-allowed next item] foreach tag extended [ if find/match item tag [break/return true] ] ] ] ] to-string block ] ;-- Emit the Web Form -------------------------------------------------------- emit-form: func [ "Emit the submission form (for both topics and messages)." topic-id [integer! none!] ; Use NONE to allow topic input /local text type ][ text: read-body config/html-form type: 'topic if topic-id [ ; Remove subject field from the form: remove/part find text <tr> find/tail text </tr> ; Add a hidden field for the topic id: append text build-tag [input type hidden name id value (topic-id)] type: 'msg ] emit [ build-tag [form action (config/cgi-path) method post] build-tag [input type hidden name cmd value (type)] text </form> ] ] ;-- Topic Functions --------------------------------------------------------- ; Each topic is given a unique ID number to identify it. The ; messages for a topic are stored in a file that uses that id ; number. A master topics.db file holds the list of topics ; as a block of blocks. Each block has the format: ; ; [topic id create-date modified-date msg-count last-from] ; ; Each time a new topic is created, it is added to the ; topics file. Each time a message is added, the topics file ; is updated to show the new mod-date and msg-count. next-topic-id: func [ "Create next topic id #" /local n ][ ; TGD ; save %id.r n: 1 + any [attempt [load config/topic-id] 0] save config/topic-id n: 1 + any [attempt [load config/topic-id] 0] n ] load-topics: does [any [attempt [load/all config/topic-db] []]] save-topics: func [data] [write config/topic-db mold/only data] add-topic: func [ {Add a new topic. Store it in topic file. Return id.} topic ][ id: next-topic-id write/append config/topic-db append remold [topic id now now 0 ""] newline id ] must-find-topic: func [ "Return topic record or show an error" topic-id ][ foreach topic load-topics [ if topic/2 = topic-id [return topic] ] show-error "Invalid message topic. Contact the administrator." not abort ] update-topic: func [ "Update message status for topic" topic-id count "number of messages" name "last message from" /local topics ][ topics: load-topics foreach topic topics [ if topic/2 = topic-id [ topic/4: now topic/5: count if not topic/6 [append topic none] topic/6: name sort/reverse/compare topics 4 save-topics topics exit ] ] ] link-topic: func [ "Create an HREF link to a message topic" topic-id /bookmark name /local path ][ path: join config/cgi-path ["?cmd=msgs&id=" topic-id "&"] if bookmark [repend path [#"#" name]] href path ] emit-topics: func [ "Generate listing of all topics" ][ emit [ <table border=0 width="100%" cellpadding=4 cellspacing=1 bgcolor=silver> <tr bgcolor=maroon> <td align=center><font color=white><b> "Msgs" </b></font></td> <td width=80%><font color=white><b> "Topic" </b></font></td> <td align=right nowrap><font color=white> <b> "Last Posting" </b> </font></td> <td><font color=white><b> "From" </b></font></td> </tr> ] foreach topic load-topics [ emit [ <tr bgcolor=white> <td><p align=center> topic/5 </p></td> <td width=80%> link-topic topic/2 <b> topic/1 </b> </a> </td> <td align=right nowrap> nice-date topic/4 </td> <td> topic/6 </td> </tr> ] ] emit </table> ] ;-- Message Functions -------------------------------------------------------- ; Each message file is stored under the topic id number for it. ; Message records have the format: ; ; [name email date message] ; ; The message is stored as binary to avoid any possible problems ; related to delimiting it as a REBOL value. load-messages: func [ "Load messages for a specific topic." topic-id ][ any [attempt [load/all config/msg-dir/:topic-id] []] ] save-messages: func [ "Save messages for a specific topic." topic-id messages ][ write config/msg-dir/:topic-id mold/only messages ] add-message: func [ {Add a new message.} topic-id name email message ][ write/append config/msg-dir/:topic-id append remold [name email now to-binary message] newline ] purge-messages: func [ "If message limit is exceeded, purge older messages." msgs /local today ][ if (length? msgs) > config/max-msgs [ today: now remove-each msg msgs [ msg/3/date + confg/max-days < today ] save-messages topic-id msgs ] ] obscure-email: func [ "Make email more difficult for harvesters" email ][ either any-string? email [replace email #"@" <br>][""] ] emit-messages: func [ "Generate listing of messages" msgs "block of messages" ][ emit [ <table border=0 width="100%" cellpadding=3 cellspacing=1 bgcolor=silver> <tr bgcolor=navy> <td><font color=white><b> "Sender" </b></font></td> <td width=80%><font color=white><b> "Message" </b></font></td> <td align=right nowrap><font color=white><b> "When Sent" </b> </font></td> </tr> ] foreach msg msgs [ emit [ <tr bgcolor=white> <td nowrap><b> msg/1 </b><br><i> obscure-email msg/2 <i></td> <td width=80%> to-string msg/4 </td> <td align=right nowrap> nice-date msg/3 </td> </tr> ] ] emit </table> ] list-messages: func [ "Emit message list with form. Return title." topic-id /update "Update message count" /local rec ][ if rec: must-find-topic topic-id [ ; (TGD) ; emit [ <b> href config/cgi-path "Return to Topics" </a> " | " href #end "Go to End" </a> " | " link-topic topic-id "Refresh" </a> </b><p> ] msgs: load-messages topic-id if all [update not empty? msgs] [ purge-messages msgs update-topic topic-id length? msgs first last msgs ] if config/msg-order = 'new-first [msgs: head reverse msgs] emit-messages msgs emit [ <p><b> href config/cgi-path "Return to Topics" </a> " | " link-topic/bookmark topic-id "end" "Refresh" </a> </b><p> ] emit {<h2 id=end>Add a Message:</h2>} emit-form topic-id reform ["Messages for:" rec/1] ] ; (TGD) ; ] ;-- CGI Command Processing --------------------------------------------------- ; Read CGI request and convert it to a standard object: ; (TGD) ;if not cgi: read-cgi [quit] ; (TGD) ;cgi: construct/with decode-cgi cgi context [ ; (TGD) ; cmd: id: name: email: subject: message: none ; (TGD) ;] if cgi: read-cgi [ cgi: make context [ cmd: id: name: email: subject: message: none ] decode-cgi cgi ; Filter out restricted HTML tags from being submitted to any field. foreach word next first cgi [ val: get in cgi word if string? val [set in cgi word filter-tags val] ] ; Convert CGI fields as needed: cgi/cmd: attempt [to-word cgi/cmd] cgi/id: attempt [to-integer cgi/id] if not email? cgi/email: attempt [load cgi/email] [cgi/email: none] check-fields: func [/subject][ if all [not abort subject empty? trim cgi/subject] [show-error "Subject required"] ; (TGD) ; if all [not abort empty? trim cgi/name] [show-error "Name field required"] ; (TGD) ; if all [not abort empty? trim cgi/message] [show-error "Message is required"] ; (TGD) ; not abort ; (TGD) ; ] ; Process the CGI command: switch/default cgi/cmd [ msgs [ title: list-messages cgi/id ] msg [ if all [check-fields rec: must-find-topic cgi/id] [ ; (TGD) ; ; (TGD) ; rec: must-find-topic cgi/id add-message cgi/id cgi/name cgi/email cgi/message title: list-messages/update cgi/id ] ; (TGD) ; ] topic [ if check-fields/subject [ ; (TGD) ; id: add-topic cgi/subject add-message id cgi/name cgi/email cgi/message title: list-messages/update id ] ; (TGD) ; ] source [ title: "REBOL Message Board Source" emit [ <h2> "REBOL Code" </h2> <pre> detab encode-html read %rbbs.r </pre> <h2> "HTML Form Code (form.html)" </h2> <pre> detab encode-html read config/html-form </pre> <h2> "HTML Template Code (template.html)" </h2> <pre> detab encode-html read config/html-template </pre> ] ] ][ title: config/title emit-topics emit {<h2>Add a New Topic:</h2>} emit-form none ] if not abort [show-page title html] ] ; (TGD) ; ; halt ; (TGD) ;
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage