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rebol[ Title: "XML node parser" Date: 20-Jul-2003 Version: 0.0.1 File: %RblxelParser.r Home: Author: "daniel murrill" Email: %drebol--mindspring--com Owner: "daniel murrill" Rights: "Copyright (C) daniel murrill 2000" Language: 'English Charset: 'ANSI Purpose: { To parse single xhtml & xml nodes for there values. } Comment: { The purpose for this script is to parse well formed xml or xhtml, but can be used for css and html. This is only the xml node functions (i.e. *xml node object). This script has been taken from a larger portion thats used in a Rebol browser. If desired, you can email me a copy of these functions that have been better scripted or post to the Library, i'll see about swapping it for my rusty functions, but please base it off the existing functions. Be carefull, using *copy/part (find blah blah)(find blah blah)* does not behave all the time when putting *getnode... functions in larger that dynamically creates portions from itself. Or maybe it's just me. } Library: [ level: 'beginner platform: none type: [] domain: [dialects html markup parse xml] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] xml: {<root> <personel_Info> <name first="yes">Madirth</name> <address second="no">1202 Madison</address> <resort>Balam </resort> <resort>Na Resort</resort> <resort>Balam Resort</resort> <TR>"names" "Cabo" "Baja"</TR> <resort>Resort Balam </resort> <birth> "24" "1968"</birth> </personel_Info> <pop> <pop meetrow="fat">back</pop> </pop> <good>jump</good> </root> } getnodename: func [tag] [ heads: to-string copy tag insert heads "<" findtail: parse/all tag " " tails: findtail/1 tails: to-tag join "/" tails parse xml [ to heads copy node to ">" (heads: to-string reduce [heads">"]) thru ">" copy text to tails (text: to-string text) (parse node [ some [thru " " copy attname to "=" thru "=" copy attvalue to ">" ] skip ] print [heads text tails]) ] ] getnodevalue: func [txt] [ text: txt if find xml text [ parse xml [ thru "<" copy htag to txt copy text thru txt to "</" ] findtag: copy htag setag: find/last findtag "<" parse setag [thru "<" copy gethead to ">"] sethead: copy gethead hds: parse/all sethead " " gettail: copy hds/1 heads: copy setag tails: to-tag copy gettail insert tails "/" parse setag [ thru " " copy attname to "=" thru "=" copy attvalue to ">" ] ] node: to-string reduce [heads text tails] print node ] getattribute: func [attrv] [ parse xml [ to "<" copy heads to attrv copy attribute to ">" thru ">" copy text to "<" ] hds: find/last heads "<" parse xml [ to hds copy heads thru ">" ] parse hds [ thru "<" copy gettail to " " (trim/all gettail) ] tails: to-tag copy gettail insert tails "/" parse heads [ thru " " copy attname to "=" thru "=" copy attvalue to end ] node: to-string reduce [heads text tails] print node ] setnode: func [newhead] [ findhead: to-string copy newhead insert findhead "<" size: length? heads findtail: parse/all findhead " " settail: copy findtail/1 remove settail settail/1 insert settail "/" newtail: to-tag settail either heads = "" [] [parse xml [to heads mark: (remove/part mark size mark: insert mark findhead) :mark] replace xml tails newtail parse newtail [ some [ thru " " copy attname to "=" thru "=" copy attvalue to end ] skip ] ] ] setnodevalue: func [newtext] [ size: length? text parse xml [ to text mark: (remove/part mark size mark: insert mark newtext) :mark ] ] setattribute: func [attrvar attrvalue] [ hds: copy heads replace hds attname attrvar replace hds attvalue attrvalue replace xml heads to-string reduce [hds ">"] attname: attrvar attname: attrvar attvalue: attrvalue ] getchildnode: func [] [parse xml [ to heads copy childnode to tails ( replace childnode heads "" remove childnode ">" replace childnode tails "" parse childnode [ to "<" copy heads to ">" thru ">" copy text to "<" (text: to-string text) ] hds: parse/all heads " " gettail: to-string hds/1 gettail: remove head gettail tails: to-tag copy gettail insert tails "/" node: to-string reduce [heads ">" text tails] print node)] ] getnextsibling: func [] [ oldnode: copy/part (find xml text) (find/last xml "</") either find oldnode heads [ parse oldnode [ thru text to heads copy nhead thru ">" copy text to "<" ] parse nhead [ thru " " copy attributename to "=" thru "=" copy attributevalue to ">" ] node: to-string reduce [heads text tails] print node ] [print reduce [ heads "has no sibling...." ] ] ] createnode: func [newnode] [ tailnode: newnode parse xml [ to text thru text to tails thru tails objtail: to "<" objtext: (change/part objtail reduce [newline newnode newline] :objtext) (parse tailnode [some [thru ">" copy text to "</" (getnodevalue text)]]) ] ] removenode: func [] [ un: copy node replace xml node " " replace xml "^/^/" "^/" ] undo: func [] [ replace xml " " un ] {a simple example of xmlnode parse functions....} getnodename "name" getattribute attname getnodevalue "Balam" setnodevalue reduce [text "parks"] getnodevalue "jump" setnode {pops second="me"} getattribute "second" setattribute "firstone" {"them"} getattribute "firstone" setattribute "second" {"me"} getattribute "second" halt
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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