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REBOL [ File: %quick-manual.r Date: 14-sep-2009 Title: "Quick Manual" Author: Nick Antonaccio Purpose: { A quick and dirty way to print out help for all built in functions. Also includes a complete list of VID styles ("view layout" GUI widgets), VID layout words, and VID facets (standard properties available for all the VID styles). Give it a minute to run... Taken from the tutorial at } ] print "This will take a minute..." wait 2 echo %words.txt what echo off ; "echo" saves console activity to a file echo %help.txt foreach line read/lines %words.txt [ word: first to-block line print "___________________________________________________________^/" print rejoin ["word: " uppercase to-string word] print "" do compose [help (to-word word)] ] echo off x: read %help.txt write %help.txt "VID STYLES (GUI WIDGETS):^/^/" foreach i extract svv/vid-styles 2 [write/append %help.txt join i newline ] write/append %help.txt "^/^/LAYOUT WORDS:^/^/" foreach i svv/vid-words [write/append %help.txt join i newline] b: copy [] foreach i svv/facet-words [ if (not function? :i) [append b join to-string i "^/"] ] write/append %help.txt rejoin [ "^/^/STYLE FACETS (ATTRIBUTES):^/^/" b "^/^/SPECIAL STYLE FACETS:^/^/" ] y: copy "" foreach i (extract svv/vid-styles 2) [ z: select svv/vid-styles i ; additional facets are held in a "words" block: if z/words [ append y join i ": " foreach q z/words [if not (function? :q) [append y join q " "]] append y newline ] ] write/append %help.txt rejoin [ y "^/^/CORE FUNCTIONS:^/^/" at x 4 ] editor %help.txt
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage