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REBOL [ title: "Quick Color Guide" date: 23-sep-2009 file: %quick-color-guide.r purpose: { Provides a quick visual reference for all of REBOL's built in colors. Click the color to see it's tuple value. Taken from the tutorial at } ] echo %colors.txt ? tuple! echo off lines: read/lines %colors.txt colors: copy [] gui: copy [across space 1x1] count: 0 foreach line at lines 2 [ if error? try [append colors to-word first parse line none][] ] foreach color colors [ append gui [style box box [alert to-string face/color]] append gui reduce ['box 110x25 color to-string color] count: count + 1 if count = 5 [append gui 'return count: 0] ] view center-face layout gui
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage