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REBOL [ title: "Quick Script Compressor" date: 5-Jul-2011 file: %quick-script-compressor.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { I like to distribute certain scripts in compressed format. They're smaller when compressed, and the compressed syntax keeps casual peeping Toms from messing with the code. Maintaining scripts with compressed code can be a pain, though - decompress the compressed code with REBOL, copy, paste and edit, then recompress, copy, paste, and save. This little script makes the process of creating and editing compressed scripts simple and fast. } ] if error? try [data: read file: request-file/only] [quit] compressed: find data "#{" either compressed = none [ flag: true compressed: copy data uncompressed: copy data ] [ flag: false uncompressed: decompress load compressed ] write %uncompressed.txt uncompressed editor %uncompressed.txt if true <> request "Save updated file?" [ ; alert "Changes NOT saved." delete %uncompressed.txt quit ] replace data compressed (form compress read %uncompressed.txt) if flag = true [insert head data "rebol []^/^/do decompress "] write file data delete %uncompressed.txt alert "Changes saved."
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage