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REBOL [ Title: "REBOL Spec Generator for Text Editor PsPAD" Date: 06-Jul-2005 Purpose: {Create PSPAD syntax file from REBOL system words} author: %cybarite--sympatico--ca File: %pspad-spec.r Source: { Based on rebdoc.r by Carl Sassenrath which says "With minor modifications you can use this script to create docs for your own scripts." } library: [ level: 'beginner platform: [windows] type: [tool] domain: 'text-processing tested-under: {REBOL/View 17-Jun-2005 Core 2.6.0} support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] ; initialization area PsPAD-Directory: %/c/pspad/ ; change this to where you installed PsPAD words: first system/words ;;;; First the .ini file for REBOL buffer: copy { ; PSPad user HighLighter definition file for REBOL ; See ; See [Settings] Name=REBOL HTMLGroup=0 FileType=*.r CommentString=; ANSIComment=0 PasComment=0 SlashComment=0 CComment=0 SpecComment=0 BasComment=1 FoxComment=0 REMComment=0 ExclComment=0 ByComment=0 SharpComment=0 SlashComment=0 PerCentComment=0 SinglQComment=0 DblQComment=0 SQLComment=0 FortranComment=0 CStarComment=0 DollarComment=0 LBracketComment=0 SingleQuote=0 DoubleQuote=1 Preprocessors=0 IndentChar= UnIndentChar= TabWidth=4 CaseSensitive=0 PocoComment=0 DComment=0 SmartComment=0 HaskellComment=0 PipeComment=0 WebFocusComment=0 KeyWordChars=- CodeExplorer=ftUnknown [KeyWords] } foreach word sort words [ append buffer rejoin [ word "=" newline ] ] write pspad-directory/%syntax/rebol.ini buffer ;;;; Then the .DEF file (context directory) for REBOL def-buffer: copy { ; PSPad code template for REBOL ; Update: 06-Jul-2005 } ;-- First generate the word list: words: first system/words word-list: make block! 200 vals: second system/words while [not tail? words] [ if any-function? first vals [ append word-list first words ] words: next words vals: next vals ] clear next find word-list 'what sort word-list bind word-list 'system ; ;-- Now generate the definition file based on the rebdoc.r ;-- approach ; foreach word word-list [ name: word ; to get global binding args: first get name ; function's arg list arg-list: second parse/all mold args "[]" spec: third get name ; function's specification append def-buffer rejoin [ "[" word " |R " ; the R makes the text Red spec/1 "]" newline word " |" ; the | is where the cursor will be after inserting the text arg-list newline ] ] write pspad-directory/%Context/REBOL.DEF def-buffer
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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