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REBOL [ file: %pt.r date: 2006-07-06 Purpose: { I am working in multiple porjects at the same time, so i wanted to have a tool, to track my time spent for each project. This simple tool makes this available. } title: "Project Time" author: "Varga Árpád" version: 1.0.0 email: %varga--cason--hu Library: [ level: 'beginner platform: 'all type: 'tool domain: 'database tested-under: [view on "Windows XP"] support: [author: "Arpad Varga" email: %arpicheck--yahoo--com] license: 'gpl ] ] nulls: func [num][either num < 10 [join "0" num][num]] cancel: false today: copy [] projects: none main-projects: none times: none load-data: does [ if not exists? %projects.txt [write %projects.txt decompress #{789C530A28CACF4A4D2E5170545288560A2E4D02730C9514E06C23A5582E25982A272504DB194987522C003362163B49000000}] if not exists? %times.txt [write %times.txt ""] projects: load %projects.txt main-projects: copy [] foreach proj projects [if string? proj [append main-projects proj]] times: load %times.txt ] load-data preformat: has [ date block formatted ][ load-data times: sort/skip/reverse times 2 formatted: copy "" foreach [date block] times [ append formatted join mold date newline append formatted rejoin ["^-" replace/all mold copy block newline "" newline] ] write %times.txt formatted ] doCalc: has [ load-data today today-projects last-time last-project started project theme sum-time fullist ][ if error? try [to-date calc-date/text] [ alert {Field "Day" must contaion a valid date.} exit ] today: any [select times to-date calc-date/text copy []] today-projects: unique extract/index today 3 2 today-projects: tail today-projects while [not head? today-projects][ today-projects: back today-projects insert next today-projects [0:0:0] ] last-time: none last-project: none foreach [started project theme] today [ if not none? do last-time [ sum-time: find/tail today-projects last-project change find/tail today-projects last-project ((first sum-time) + (started - last-time)) ] last-time: started last-project: project ] attempt [ fullist: join [] rejoin [calc-date/text ", " to-string first today " - " last-time ] foreach [project sum-time] today-projects [if (greater? sum-time 0:0) [append fullist rejoin [project " ^-" sum-time]]] append/only fullist copy [] append all-projects/data fullist show all-projects ] ] doCalcWeek: has [ start old-string thisday ][ if error? try [to-date calc-date/text] [ alert {Field "Day" must contaion a valid date.} exit ] old-string: copy calc-date/text start: to-date calc-date/text start: start - start/weekday + 1 for thisday start start + 6 1 [ calc-date/text: rejoin [thisday/year "-" nulls thisday/month "-" nulls thisday/day] doCalc ] calc-date/text: copy old-string ] copy-all: has [ text row ][ text: copy "" foreach row all-projects/data [append text join row newline] write clipboard:// text ] subsel: has [ subs ][ if not-equal? main-projects proj/list-data [ proj/list-data: main-projects proj/reset show proj ] subs: attempt [copy select projects proj/text] either all [not none? subs block? subs] [ insert head subs copy "-" sub/text: first sub/list-data: copy subs sub/reset show sub ][ sub/text: first sub/list-data: copy ["-"] sub/reset show sub ] ] save-task: has [ today ][ load-data today: select times to-date date/text if none? do today [ append times reduce [to-date date/text copy []] today: select times to-date date/text ] append today reduce [to-time time/text copy proj/text copy sub/text] save %times.txt times ] ok-date-time?: does [ if error? try [to-date date/text] [ alert {Field "Day" must contaion a valid date.} return false ] if error? try [1 + to-time time/text] [ alert {Field "Time" must contaion a valid time.} return false ] true ] layCalc: layout [ backdrop effect [gradient 1x1 180.190.224 210.210.210] across text "Day:" bold calc-date: field 80 rejoin [now/year "-" nulls now/month "-" nulls now/day] pad 5x0 btn "Day" 220.248.220 [ clear all-projects/data doCalc ] btn "Week" 220.220.248 [ clear all-projects/data doCalcWeek ] btn "Copy" 248.248.220 [ copy-all ] btn "Close" 248.220.220 [ unview ] return box 316x2 black return return all-projects: text-list 316x200 today ] layNewtask: layout [ backdrop effect [gradient 1x1 180.190.224 210.210.210] do [cancel: true] proj: drop-down 300 with [show-arrow? false rows: 6] data main-projects [subsel] sub: drop-down 300 with [show-arrow? false rows: 4] "-" do [proj/text: proj/list-data/1] do [subsel] pad 220x30 btn "Start task" 80 220.248.220 [save-task unview] btn "Cancel" 80 248.220.220 font [space: 2x0] [unview] ] view center-face layout [ backdrop effect [gradient 1x1 200.220.244 220.220.220] across text "Day:" 53 bold date: field 100 rejoin [now/year "-" nulls now/month "-" nulls now/day] text "Time:" 53 bold time: field 100 to-string now/time return box 330x2 black return btn "New task now" 220.248.220 [ if ok-date-time? [load-data subsel view/new center-face layNewtask] ] btn "Calc day" 248.248.220 [ view/new center-face layCalc ] btn "Edit project list" 248.220.220 [editor %projects.txt] btn "Edit archives" 248.220.220 [preformat editor %times.txt] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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