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REBOL [ Title: "Digital PCS Phone Pager" Date: 12-Jun-2000 File: %pcspager.r Author: "Kevin McKinnon" Purpose: { Check e-mail account for messages, then process for paging to a Digital PCS phone. The processing includes chopping message/sender lengths and url-encoding. My cellular company wanted an extra $3/month just to give me an e-mail address that does what this script does. (Can you believe that? $3!) My PCS provider is Cantel AT&T in Canada. You'll need to modify the script to work with your PCS carrier if you're not on Cantel. } Comment: { Bits of this script have been aquired and modified from the REBOL website and from code fragments posted to the REBOL User Mailing List. Thanks to everyone who has contributed code! Logging directory per *nix standards. Tested under REBOL 2.0.4, and 2.1.0 } Email: %kev--insinc--ca library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: none type: none domain: 'other-net tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] comment { Define constants for easy customization } messagelength: 126 fromlength: 20 targetarea: 250 targetprefix: 442 targetnumber: 6111 pagerserver: tcp:// pagerscript: "/cgi-bin/sendpcs.cgi" eol: "^M^J" comment { The url-encode function was appropriated from the REBOL website at The original author was uncredited. The original code needed one change, the ^ needed to be escaped with another ^ } url-encode: function [string] [punctuation encoding result f][ punctuation: { !@#$%&()+=[]\{}|;':",/<>?`~^^} encoding: ["%20" "%21" "%40" "%23" "%24" "%25" "%26" "%28" "%29" "%2B" "%3D" "%5B" "%5D" "%5C" "%7B" "%7D" "%7C" "%3B" "%27" "%3A" "%22" "%2C" "%2F" "%3C" "%3E" "%3F" "%60" "%7E" "%5E" ] result: copy "" foreach character string [ insert tail result either f: find punctuation character [pick encoding index? f] [character] ] return result ] comment {Scan the mailbox and format each message for sending.} mailbox: open pop://username:%password--localhost while [not tail? mailbox] [ message: import-email first mailbox textmsg: copy message/content logmsg: copy message/content while [ptr: find textmsg "^/"] [textmsg: insert (remove/part ptr (length? "^/")) " " ] textmsg: head textmsg textmsg: copy/part textmsg messagelength sender: copy/part message/from fromlength truelength: length? textmsg words: parse textmsg " " wordcount: length? words encodemessage: url-encode textmsg encodesender: url-encode make string! sender comment {Log the entire message, just in case it gets lost in the transmission or someone doesn't know about the :messagelength limit on # of characters} logfile: open %/var/log/pcspager.log insert tail logfile join now [" " logmsg "^J"] close logfile comment {Create the posting request. I have to set the Referer (sic) field because Cantel uses this as a security feature to defeat attempts to post from other websites or scripts.} submit: join "" ["AREA_CODE=" targetarea "&PIN1=" targetprefix "&PIN2=" targetnumber "&emapnew--DESC--which=ORIG" "&SENDER=" encodesender "&PAGETEXT1=" encodemessage "&SIZEBOX=" truelength "&SIZEBOXW=" wordcount "&SUBMIT=Send+Message"] post: join "POST "[ pagerscript " HTTP/1.0" eol "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" eol "Referer:" eol "Content-Length: " length? submit eol eol submit eol ] comment {Submit the message to Cantel's server} pcspage: open/binary pagerserver insert pcspage post comment {If you want to retrieve the confirmation page, you need this bit from the REBOL mailing list. Thanks Gabriele!} buffer: make string! 4096 result: make string! 4096 while [(read-io pcspage buffer 4096) <> 0] [ append result buffer clear buffer wait pcspage ] close pcspage comment { Uncomment this part if you want to log the returned code from the webserver / DEBUG!} logfile: open %/var/log/pcspager.log insert tail logfile join result ["^J"] close logfile remove mailbox ] close mailbox
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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