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REBOL [ title: "PDF Bar Code Generator" date: 14-Mar-2010 file: %pdf-barcode.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { Takes a given string and XxY coordinate (in millimeters), and outputs a PDF file containing a printable bar code at the given position. The bar code algorithm is derived directly from Bohdan Lechnowsky's "code39.r", and the PDF is generated using Gabriele Santilli's "pdf-maker.r". This script was created because images output by the original code39.r script would become blurred when inserted and resized by pdf-maker.r. Here, the bars are rendered as lines, directly in pdf-maker dialect. The images generated are crisp and easily scannable. } ] text-string: "item2342" x-offset: 10 ; millimeters from the left edge of the page y-offset: 257 ; millimeters from the bottom edge of the page create-pdf-barcode: func [barcode-string xshift yshift] [ barcode-width: .3 barcode-height: 12 code39: first to-block decompress #{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} convfrom: rejoin ["*" barcode-string "*"] pdf-dialect-out: copy [] x: 0 foreach char convfrom [ pattern: select code39 form char foreach bit pattern [ x: x + 1 if bit = #"1" [ append pdf-dialect-out compose [ line width (barcode-width) line ((x * barcode-width) + xshift) (yshift) ((x * barcode-width) + xshift) (yshift + barcode-height) ] ] ] x: x + 1 ] return pdf-dialect-out ] do barcode-layout: copy [] current-barcode-page: copy [page size 215.9 279.4 offset 0 0] append current-barcode-page create-pdf-barcode text-string x-offset y-offset ; The following block is not necessary. It just adds human readable text ; to the printout: append current-barcode-page compose/deep [ textbox (x-offset - 9.5) (y-offset - 8) 56 8 [ center font Helvetica 3 (mold text-string) ] ] append/only barcode-layout current-barcode-page write/binary %labels.pdf layout-pdf barcode-layout call %labels.pdf editor barcode-layout ; not necessary - just lets you read the pdf dialect output
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage