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REBOL [ title: "FTP CHMOD" date: 31-jul-2010 file: %ftp-chmod.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { This is a workaround for REBOL's inability to chmod files (set permissions) with the built in FTP protocol. This script is for MS Windows, but Macintosh and Linux also have command line FTP programs built into the OS that can be used similarly with REBOL's "call" function. } ] website: request-text/title/default "Web Site:" " (or IP address)" username: request-text/title/default "User Name:" "user" password: request-text/title/default "Password:" "pass" folder: request-text/title/default "Folder:" "public_html" file: request-text/title/default "File:" "example.cgi" permission: request-text/title/default "Permission:" "755" write %ftpargs.txt trim rejoin [{ open } website { user } username { } password { cd } folder { literal chmod } permission { } file { bye }] call/show "ftp -n -s:ftpargs.txt"
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage