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REBOL [ Title: "Dir-map explorer" Date: 18-Jul-2001/10:09:09+2:00 Version: 0.1.2 File: %dir-map-explorer.r Author: "Oldes" Usage: { ^-^-dir-map-explorer/load-map %path_to_map_file ^-^-dir-map-explorer/search-changes/since 10-7-2001 ^-^-dir-map-explorer/statistics ["html" "r"] ;to count number of .htmt and .r files ^-^-dir-map-explorer/search "*reb*" ;search all files or dirs with query string *reb* ^-^-dir-map-explorer/show-dir-tree ;displays all directories ^-^-dir-map-explorer/show-dir-tree/with-files ;with files as well :) ^-^- ^-^-using the actions object you can create your own functions ^-} Purpose: {to work with directory maps generated by %dir-mapper.r script } Comment: {This script works with recursive dir-map structure that is not so good for large and deep directories. So I'll probably do better non-recursive structure soon.} History: [ 0.1.2 18-Jul-2001 "Some improvements + new functions" 0.1.0 13-Jul-2001 "first version" ] Email: %oldes--bigfoot--com mail: %oldes--bigfoot--com library: [ level: 'advanced platform: none type: 'tool domain: [file-handling DB] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] dir-map-explorer: make object! [ map: copy [] map-file: none full-path: none cur-depth: -1 cur-filename: none since-date: 1-1-1900 actions: make object! [ dir: [] file: [] ] load-map: func[file [file! url! block!] "path to map-file"][ not error? try [ either block? file [ map: file map-file: none ][ map-file: copy file map: load map-file ] ] ] init: does [ cur-depth: -1 cur-filename: none full-path: to-file "" actions: make object! [ dir: [] file: [] ] ] show-dir-tree: func[ "Displays all directories in the dir map" /with-files "displays the files as well" ][ init actions/dir: [ pad: copy "" prin head insert/dup pad "-" (-1 - cur-depth) probe cur-filename ] if with-files [actions/file: actions/dir] go-thru-map map ] search-changes: func [/since sinc][ init if since [since-date: sinc] actions/dir: [ if cur-data/2 > since-date [ pad: copy "" prin head insert/dup pad "-" (-1 - cur-depth) print [mold cur-filename cur-data/2] print mold full-path probe dir-mapper/Get-item-info full-path ] ;print mold full-path ] go-thru-map map ] Get-file-types: func[ /local f][ result: copy [] actions/file: [ if found? f: find/last cur-filename "." [ file-type: copy skip cur-filename index? f if not found? find result file-type [append result file-type] ] ] go-thru-map map result ] search: func[query-str /local f][ init result: copy [] actions/file: actions/dir: [ if found? find/any (f: join full-path cur-filename) query-str [ append result f probe f ] ] go-thru-map map result ] statistics: func[stat-map [block!]][ init ;stat-map: [["html" "htm"] "css" "js"] counters: copy [] sizes: copy [] insert/dup counters 0 (length? stat-map) insert/dup sizes make decimal! 0 (length? stat-map) total-files: 0 ;actions/dir: [print mold full-path] actions/file: [ total-files: total-files + 1 counted?: false while [all [not tail? stat-map not counted?]][ i: index? stat-map file-types: stat-map/1 if not block? file-types [file-types: append copy [] file-types] forall file-types [ if (found? find cur-filename join "." file-types/1) and (not counted?) [ ;print cur-filename poke counters i counters/:i + 1 if integer? cur-data/1 [ poke sizes i sizes/:i + cur-data/1 ] counted?: true ] ] stat-map: next stat-map ] stat-map: head stat-map ] go-thru-map map reduce [counters sizes] ] parent-dir-path: func[dir /local f][ if #"/" = last dir [remove back tail dir] either found? f: find/last dir "/" [ copy/part dir index? f ][ join dir #"/" ] ] go-thru-map: func[ m [block!] "Map block" /depth d ][ d: either all [depth integer? d] [d - 1 ][-1] while [not tail? m][ cur-depth: d cur-filename: copy m/1 cur-data: copy m/2 m: either #"/" = last m/1 [ full-path: join full-path cur-filename do actions/dir go-thru-map/depth m/3 d full-path: parent-dir-path full-path skip m 3 ][ do actions/file skip m 2 ] ] ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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