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REBOL [ title: "Choice Button Menu Example" date: 25-Sep-2010 file: %choice-button-menu-example.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: {A quick way to add a simple menu to VID GUIs} ] request: do replace/all mold :request "bold" "" ; not required for menus menu: [[ "Options" [] "_________________________^/" [] "Open File" [attempt [a1/text: read request-file/only show a1]] "Copy to Clipboard" [do-face b1 1] "Paste from Clipboard" [a1/text: read clipboard:// show a1] "_________________________^/" [] "About" [alert "This menu is just a choice button widget :)"] "_________________________^/" [] "Halt" [halt] "Quit" [quit] ][ "Preferences" [] "_________________________^/" [] "Option 1" [alert "Option 1"] "Option 2" [alert "Option 2"] "Option 3" [alert "Option 3"] ]] foreach m menu [foreach i (at m 3) [unless find i "_____" [insert head i " "]]] clr: func [face] [face/text: face/texts/1 show face] menu-color: 235.240.245 svv/vid-face/color: 253.253.253 view center-face layout [ size 440x250 style mnu choice 190x20 left menu-color with [ edge: none font: [style: none shadow: none colors: [0.0.0]] para: [indent: 4x0] colors: reduce [menu-color 215.220.225] ] across origin 0x0 space 0x0 box menu-color 8x20 mnu data (extract menu/1 2) [do select menu/1 value clr face] at 70x0 mnu data (extract menu/2 2) [do select menu/2 value clr face] box menu-color 2000x20 origin 20x40 space 20x20 below a1: area wrap with [colors: [254.254.254 248.248.248]] b1: btn "Copy" [write clipboard:// a1/text alert "Copied"] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage