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REBOL [ title: "chmod777to555" date: 18-Apr-2010 file: %chmod777to555.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { I use this script to make sure that there are no files chmod'd to 777 on my webservers. Built in is a routine that collects and writes the name of every folder and every file on my server, to a text file. Taken from the tutorial at } ] start-dir: what-dir all-files: to-file join start-dir %find777all.txt write all-files "" recurse: func [current-folder] [ out-data: copy "" write/append all-files rejoin["CURRENT_DIRECTORY: " what-dir newline] call/output {ls -al} out-data write/append all-files join out-data newline foreach item (read current-folder) [ if dir? item [ change-dir item recurse %.\ change-dir %..\ ] ] ] recurse %.\ file-list: to-file join start-dir %found777.txt write file-list "" current-directory: "" foreach line (read/lines all-files) [ if find line "CURRENT_DIRECTORY: " [ current-directory: line ] if find line "rwxrwxrwx" [ write/append file-list rejoin [ (find/match current-directory "CURRENT_DIRECTORY: ") (last parse/all line " ") ] write/append file-list newline ] ] foreach file (read/lines file-list) [ call rejoin [{chmod 755 } (to-local-file file)] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage