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REBOL [ Title: "Chinese Year" Version: 1.1.0 Date: 28-Jan-2013 File: %chinese-year.r Author: "Vincent Ecuyer" Purpose: "Chinese Year name" Language: 'en Usage: "Type in the year -> get the chinese year name" Comment: { Works under both /View and /Core, in english (language: 'en) and french (language: 'fr). Fonctionne sous /View et /Core, en anglais (language: 'en) et francais (language: 'fr). } Library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: [plugin all] plugin: [size: 420x100] type: [tool] domain: [math GUI] tested-under: [ core on [Macintosh osx-x86] core on [Macintosh osx-x86] view on [Macintosh osx-x86] view on [WinXP] core on [Macintosh osx-x86] ] support: none license: 'public-domain ] History: [ 1.1.0 28-Jan-2013 "Fixed MacOs text encoding and checked r3 compatibility" 1.0.0 9-Jan-2005 "First published version" ] ] language: system/script/header/language encoding: either all [ system/version > 2.100.0 ]['utf8][ ; REBOL 3 uses unicode either system/version/4 = 2 ['MacRoman]['Latin1] ; MacOs / Others ] locale-strings: [ year [ fr [#{416E6EE9653A20} #{416E6E8E653A20} #{416E6EC3A9653A20}] en "Year: " ] chinese-year [ fr [#{416E6EE965206368696E6F6973653A20} #{416E6E8E65206368696E6F6973653A20} #{416E6EC3A965206368696E6F6973653A20}] en "Chinese Year: " ] animal [fr [ "Rat" "Boeuf" "Tigre" [#{4C69E8767265} #{4C698F767265} #{4C69C3A8767265}] "Dragon" "Serpent" "Cheval" [#{4368E8767265} #{43688F767265} #{4368C3A8767265}] "Singe" "Coq" "Chien" "Porc" ] en [ "Rat" "Ox" "Tiger" "Rabbit" "Dragon" "Snake" "Horse" "Goat" "Monkey" "Rooster" "Dog" "Pig" ]] element [fr [ "de Bois" "de Bois" "de Feu" "de Feu" "de Terre" "de Terre" [#{6465204DE974616C} #{6465204D8E74616C} #{6465204DC3A974616C}] [#{6465204DE974616C} #{6465204D8E74616C} #{6465204DC3A974616C}] "d'Eau" "d'Eau" ] en [ "Wood" "Wood" "Fire" "Fire" "Earth" "Earth" "Metal" "Metal" "Water" "Water" ]] ] gui-strings: [ l-year year l-chinese-year chinese-year ] locale: func [value][ copy select select locale-strings value language ] encoded: func [value][ either block? value [to-string pick value index? find [ Latin1 MacRoman utf8 ] encoding][value] ] set-text: func [face value][ either face/text [append clear face/text value][face/text: copy value] ] add-text: func [face value][ either face/text [append face/text value][face/text: copy value] ] mod-3: func [face value][ if error? try [face: do trim face/text][face: 0] face: face - 3 // value either positive? face [face][face + value] ] set-language: func [value][ language: value foreach [label text] gui-strings [ set-text get label encoded locale text show get label ] if all [year/data not empty? year/data][do-calculs] ] do-calculs: does [ animal: mod-3 year 12 element: mod-3 year 10 set-text name-1 pick [ "Jia" "Yi" "Bing" "Ding" "Wu" "Ji" "Geng" "Xin" "Ren" "Gui" ] element add-text name-1 "-" add-text name-1 pick [ "Zi" "Chou" "Yin" "Mao" "Chen" "Si" "Wu" "Wei" "Shen" "Yu" "Xu" "Hai" ] animal set-text name-2 either find [fr] language [ encoded pick locale 'animal animal ][ encoded pick locale 'element element ] add-text name-2 " " add-text name-2 either find [fr] language [ encoded pick locale 'element element ][ encoded pick locale 'animal animal ] add-text name-2 pick [" (Yang)" " (Yin)"] odd? element show [name-1 name-2] ] either all [value? 'view? view? value? 'layout][ view layout [ size 420x100 style mini-label label 60x15 white font [ size: 9 colors: [255.255.255 0.0.0] ] backcolor 255.82.41 across l-year: label 49x19 encoded locale 'year year: field 70 [do-calculs] return l-chinese-year: label 100x19 encoded locale 'chinese-year name-1: text "" 70 center label "/" name-2: text "" 150 center at 280x0 mini-label "English" [set-language 'en] mini-label encoded [ #{4672616EE7616973} #{4672616E8D616973} #{4672616EC3A7616973} ] [set-language 'fr] do [ set-language language focus year ] ] ][ name-1: make object! [text: none] name-2: make object! [text: none] year: make object! [text: none] show: func [value][ value: append copy [] value foreach item value [ item: get item if none? item/text [item/text: copy ""] ] ] forever [ until [ year/text: ask encoded locale 'year if empty? year/text [quit] not error? try [to-integer year/text] ] do-calculs print rejoin [ encoded locale 'chinese-year name-1/text " / " name-2/text ] ] ] quit
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage