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Documentation for: abnf-parser.r


1. What is this all about?

Functions to convert ABNF to REBOL Parse rules.

Use this script in an ad-hoc fashion when developing. I doubt it would be reliable enough as part of production server programs.

2. How do you use the functions?

  • The script starts by calling a function I have set in my REBOL environment called SCRIPT-MANAGER. Here's a simplified stand-in for that function you can use - just put it in your calling script:
        if not value? 'script-manager [
            script-manager: func ['word /local needs][
                if any [
                    :word <> 'do-needs
                    none? in system/script/header 'needs
                    none? needs: system/script/header/needs
                if not parse needs: compose [(:needs)] [some file!][make error! {Expected a NEEDS block consisting of file!.}]
                foreach [file] needs [do file]
  • You will need each of the scripts listed in the NEEDS block in the same directory.

3. About the script author

Brett Handley started programming REBOL early 2000 and maintains a site of REBOL information and scripts at: