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Scripts owned by hallyhaa

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Attribute Values Extractor
ave.r2.1 KB
23 Jan 2006
Extract attribute values from (HTML) tags
author: hy
cacheserver.r2.2 KB
25 Sep 2004
This is a tiny cache server, about as small as can be. It may not be usable in a real-world application, but it sure was a lot more fun to write than the 600 line java application...
author: [unknown]
OTA bitmap to GIF converter
13.9 KB
25 Sep 2004
Converts so-called operator logos for cell phones, i.e. OTA bitmaps into ordinary two-colour GIFs.
author: HY Lookalike Spam Trap
formmail.pl2.5 KB
21 May 2007
Respond to a CGI calls as if we were (See If the request seems to be an openness check, respond with an email indicating this server is ready for abuse. Else, swallow spam email and return nothing. Note the filename - for once, a rebol script [...]
author: HY
The Kasper Program
2.1 KB
13 Jun 2008
Please Ingri (my sister, the dog owner)
author: [unknown]
Pretty numbers
824 bytes
24 Sep 2005
Add spaces to numbers so they get more readable. E.g. 126789 => 126 789
author: [unknown]
Primitive Rebol Object Browser
prob.r9.7 KB
25 Sep 2004
Make a graphical view of the probe function so that users may probe the system object without having to look it all up in the console.
author: HY
Server object handler script
server.r5.1 KB
19 Oct 2004
This script will parse robot.txt files and store a hash! of forbidden paths. This is very useful for webbots or spiders of any kind (at least if obeying robot exclusion standards is desirable). I looked at the ht://dig package ( script that does the same thing as this script to see if I [...]
author: hy
unless.r508 bytes
27 Dec 2004
I'm used to writing 'unless in perl, so I wanted it in rebol as well. Easy.
author: hy
URL Handler
14.6 KB
6 Nov 2016
A script to handle URLs as objects. Rebol's built-in 'decode-url function returns an object, but no methods to manipulate it. This script includes functions that make it possible to manipulate the URL as you please. CGI parameters are parsed into an alphabetized block for ease of comparison of URLs.
author: hy