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REBOL [ Title: "The Kasper Program" File: %kasper.r Date: 21-May-2001 Updated: 13-Jun-2008 Version: 1.0 Purpose: "Please Ingri (my sister, the dog owner)" Library: [ level: 'beginner plugin: [size: 280x273] domain: [gui] license: none Platform: [all plugin] Tested-under: none Type: [demo] Support: none ] ] emails: [ {Ingri, Hey, this Kasper dog of yours really WAS wonderful, wasn't he!!} {Ingri, Hey, that dog was so cool! You were a lucky dog owner, that's for sure!} "Ingri, I love your dog!" {Kasper --- What a wonderful name for a dog!} {Your dog was so cool. Been lookin' all over the web for his fan club, but I couldn't find it. Pity.} {Kasper Is your name Kasper? Why isn't it Caspar? (Just wondering).} "Kasper is cool. Was he an ACD, by any chance?" {Honourable dog owner, I'm thinking of starting a Kasper Fan Club. Cool, eh?} {I have a dog too, but his name isn't Kasper. Thought maybe you'd like to know.} {Hello, I saw Kasper on, and I must say, he really was a beautiful dog.} "Kasper was a nice dog. Nice dog. Bet he was a blue healer!" ] dialog: layout [ backdrop effect [gradient 1x1 0.0.0 0.0.180] h2 "Attention:" red text yellow bold 250x60 { Kasper probably was the most wonderful dog in the world. If you disagree, stop using this program. } button "OK" [hide-popup] ] view layout [ size 280x273 ;backtile <-- wesite long gone backdrop effect [gradient 1x1 0.200.0 0.0.0] at 0x0 title red center 280 "The Kasper Program" at 50x50 text black bold "Kasper probably was the most wonderful dog in the world" at 0x100 banner center 280 "Kasper" banner center 280 "1993 - 2008" banner center 280 "R.I.P." across at 5x240 button 195 "Please share your condolences" [ ;random/seed now ;send/header %ingris--email--here pick emails random (length? emails) make object! [X-kasper: "Kasper" from: to: date: none] emailer/to/subject %ingri--imprint--no "Kasper" ] button 70 "Disagree" [inform dialog] ] quit ;halt ;; to terminate script if DOne from webpage
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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