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Scripts owned by endo

Scripts: 9

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A.D.A. Logo Viewer
544 bytes
25 Jul 2011
Amiga Demoscene Archive - Logo Viewer
author: Semseddin (Endo) Moldibi
1.1 KB
20 May 2010
Fun for begginers. Cute balls moving around. Give it a try you will like it.
author: Endo
Bresenham Line
1.0 KB
22 Jun 2011
Returns all pairs in a block for line specified by P0/P1.
author: Semseddin (Endo) Moldibi
DOS Style CD.
618 bytes
18 Sep 2009
How to use MSDOS style CD.
author: Endo
Collatz Sequences
collatz.r393 bytes
25 Feb 2010
Calculate collatz series, change start value and run.
author: [unknown]
Ping using Win32 API
3.6 KB
18 Sep 2009
Real (ICMP) ping using Win32 APIs
author: Endo
Sticky Notes
10.4 KB
18 Sep 2009
Simple but useful sticky note application. Click on New to create new note item. Use icons on note items to edit, delete & resize the item. Click on an item to move, hold CTRL to align. All notes will be saved (compressed) under %notes.dat when you click on Save or Quit.
author: Endo
TCP Server
1.4 KB
3 Aug 2010
Opens a TCP port and accepts multiple client connections.
author: Semseddin (Endo) Moldibi
What is my IP
725 bytes
24 Mar 2020
Prints your IP addresses
author: Endo