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Discussion posts for script whatismyip.r

17-Dec-2010 8:17
clipboard:// isn't available in all versions, is it?

Otherwise, this is a fun little script. The web site you read from 
is quick. And here's a little one-liner to read your local IP:
print read join dns:// read dns://

... Maybe you could include it as a refinement? So I could do

>> what-is-my-ip
connecting to:
== ""
>> what-is-my-ip/local

24-Dec-2010 8:37
/local is a nice addition, thank you.

And right, clipboard port doesn't exists in all version, not even 
in Core.
I usually use View and clipboard for passing data to.

My other functions are also use clipboard, translate (translates 
clipboard text into Turkish/English (using Zargan website), to-html-table 
(converts tab separated text in clipboard to html table), b-encode 
base64 encode text in clipboard etc. So I can easily paste them to 
somewhere else.

That is because I'm too lazy to write them into a file and then read 
from rebol, or paste into console etc.
I use those functions so often, so faster is better.
29-Dec-2020 10:35
29-Dec-2020 10:36

Can you help me identify my IP?