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REBOL [ Title: "ZIP explorer" Date: 3-Dec-2001/13:11:09+1:00 Version: 0.1.0 File: %zip.r Author: "Oldes" Usage: "zip/examine ;will list the info" Purpose: "Shows content of some ZIP archive" Comment: { ^-This script does not explore all zip atributes, just search the "central directory block" ^-If you need something more you will have to look at ZIP spec. and enhance this script: ^-^- ^-} Email: %oliva--david--seznam--cz library: [ level: 'advanced platform: none type: 'tool domain: [file-handling broken] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] zip: context [ ;event handlers - modify it if you need some other functionality on-parse-file_head: does[show-info/file_head file_head] on-parse-cde: does[show-info/central_dir_end cde] ;---------------------------------------------------------------- file_HEAD: cde: none ;help functions: get-int: func[i][to-integer head reverse copy i] getpart: func[bytes /local tmp][ tmp: copy/part bin bytes bin: skip bin bytes tmp ] ;----------------- structure: make object! [ file_head: [ 2 ;version made by 2 ;version needed to extract 2 ;general purpose bit flag 2 ;compression method 4 ;last mod file date/time 4 ;crc-32 4 ;compressed size 4 ;uncompressed size 2 ;file name length 2 ;extra field length 2 ;file comment length 2 ;disk number start 2 ;internal file attributes 4 ;external file attributes 4 ;relative offset of local header ;file name (variable size) ;extra field (variable size) ;file comment (variable size) ] central_dir_end: [ 4 ;end of central dir signature 4 bytes (0x06054b50) 2 ;number of this disk 2 ;number of the disk with the start of the central directory 2 ;total number of entries in the central directory on this disk 2 ;total number of entries in the central directory 4 ;size of the central directory 4 ;offset of start of central directory with respect to the starting disk number 2 ;.ZIP file comment length ;.ZIP file comment (variable size) ] version_made_by: [ #{0000} "MS-DOS and OS/2 (FAT / VFAT / FAT32 file systems)" #{0100} "Amiga" #{0200} "OpenVMS" #{0300} "Unix" #{0400} "VM/CMS" #{0500} "Atari ST" #{0600} "OS/2 H.P.F.S." #{0700} "Macintosh" #{0800} "Z-System" #{0900} "CP/M" #{1000} "Windows NTFS" #{1100} "MVS" #{1200} "VSE" #{1300} "Acorn Risc" #{1400} "VFAT" #{1500} "Alternate MVS" #{1600} "BeOS" #{1700} "Tandem" ] ] show-info: make object! [ central_dir_end: func[cde /local n][ if 0 < n: get-int cde/2 [ print ["Number of this disk:" n]] if not empty? n: last cde [ print ["ZIP comment:" mold n] ] print head insert/dup copy "" "-" 71 ] file_head: func[fh][ if 0 < get-int fH/8 [ ;don't show dirs print [ pad/left (to-string fh/16) 25 pad (get-int fH/7 ) 8 "/" pad/left (get-int fH/8) 8 pad/left msdate-to-date fH/5 20 ;modified date select structure/version_made_by fH/1 tab ] ] ] ] examine: func[file][ print ["ZIP file:" file] bin: read/binary file bin: find bin #{504b0506} ;end of central dir signature cde: slice-bin bin structure/central_dir_end insert tail cde to-string copy/part skip bin 22 get-int last cde on-parse-cde bin: skip head bin get-int cde/7 ;central directory structure while [#{504b0102} = getpart 4][ file_HEAD: slice-bin getpart 42 structure/file_head set [L1 L2 L3] reduce [get-int file_HEAD/9 get-int file_HEAD/10 get-int file_HEAD/11] insert tail file_HEAD slice-bin getpart (L1 + L2 + L3) reduce [L1 L2 L3] on-parse-file_head ] ] ];end of context ;other used functions: pad: func [arg count /left /with ch /local txt L][ txt: make string! 10 L: (length? form arg) - count either L > 0 [ txt: join copy/part form arg (count - 3) "..." ][ loop abs L [append txt either with [ch][" "]] either left [ insert head txt arg ][ append txt arg ] ] txt ] msdate-to-date: func[ "Converts standard MS DOS binary time to Rebol's" ms [binary! string!] /local to-int y m d h mi s ][ ms: enbase/base head reverse ms 2 to-int: func[v][ insert/dup v "0" 8 - length? v to-integer debase/base head v 2 ] parse ms [ copy y 7 skip (y: 1980 + to-int y) copy m 4 skip (m: to-int m) copy d 5 skip (d: to-int d) copy h 5 skip (h: to-int h) copy mi 6 skip (mi: to-int mi) copy s 5 skip (s: 2 * to-int s) ] to-date rejoin [d "-" m "-" y "/" h ":" mi ":" s] ] slice-bin: func [bin bytes /integers /local tmp b][ tmp: make block! length? bytes forall bytes [ b: copy/part bin bytes/1 append tmp either integers [get-int b][b] bin: skip bin bytes/1 ] tmp ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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