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REBOL [ Title: "xCopy" Date: 05-apr-06 Version: 1.0 File: %xcopy.r Author: "Christophe 'REBOLtof' Coussement" Email: "reboltof-at-yahoo-dot-com" Purpose: { REBOL implementation of the well-known xcopy tool. xcopy allows you to copy in one move files, directories, subdirectories and contained files to a given location. } usage: { *** basic use *** >> do %xcopy.r >> xcopy %origin-file.r %target-file.r >> xcopy %origin-dir/ %target-dir/ >> xcopy %origin-file.r %target-dir/ *** refinements *** - use /verbose refinement to get some feedback on the actions >> xcopy/verbose %origin-dir/ %target-dir/ - use /no-warn refinement if you do not want confirmation for overwriting >> xcopy/no-warn %origin-dir/ %target-dir/ - use /filter to restrict copy to the file of the specified extension(s) caution: the extensions must be placed into a block! >> xcopy/filter %origin-dir/ %target-dir/ [%.r %.bmp] ; will only copy *.r and *.bmp files - and of course, use any combination of those refinements >> xcopy/filter/no-warn/verbose %origin-dir/ %target-dir/ [%.r %.bmp] } History: [ "05-avr-2006 initial version" ] library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: all type: [tool] domain: 'file-handling tested-under: [View on "Windows XP"] support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] xcopy: func [ origin [file!] target [file!] /verbose /no-warn /filter suffix [block!] ][ all [not value? 'root-dir root-dir: origin] all [not value? 'vbs vbs: verbose] all [not value? 'warn warn: not no-warn] dir?: func [path][return #"/" = last form path] check-dir: func [dir][ if not exists? dir [ make-dir/deep dir if vbs [print reform ["Created" dir]] ] ] no-write: func [path] [ any [ all [ warn exists? path not request/confirm reform [ "This folder already contains a file named '" path "'. Would you like to replace it ?" ] ] all [ filter not find suffix suffix? path ] ] ] if not dir? origin [ if dir? target [ check-dir target target: join target last split-path origin ] if no-write target [return] write target read origin if vbs [print reform ["Copied" target]] return ] foreach elem read origin [ new-dir: replace origin/:elem root-dir target either dir? elem [ check-dir new-dir xcopy origin/:elem target ] [ new-dir: replace origin/:elem root-dir target check-dir first split-path new-dir catch [ if no-write new-dir [throw] write new-dir read origin/:elem if vbs [print reform ["Copied" new-dir]] ] ] ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage