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REBOL [ file: %vtrend.r date: 2004-05-03 Purpose: { This little utility will generate natural looking trends for you. You can set a few parameters and marker points for the trend to make it looking as you wish. } title: "vTrend" author: "Varga Árpád" version: 1.0.0 email: %arpicheck--yahoo--com Library: [ level: 'beginner platform: 'all type: 'tool domain: 'math tested-under: [view on "Windows XP"] support: [author: "Arpad Varga" email: %arpicheck--yahoo--com] license: 'gpl ] ] markers: [0x400 400x400] dragging: false marker-radius: 8 trend: copy [] dot-feel: [ engage: func [face action event] [ if all [action = 'down dragging: find-dot event/offset][start: event/offset] if all [action = 'alt-down find-dot event/offset][if 2 < length? markers [remove drag-marker show-markers]] if action = 'up [dragging: false] if all [dragging find [over away] action] [ change drag-marker event/offset show-markers ] ] ] lay: layout [ h1 "Trend generator v1.0" style f40 field 40 style tx100 text 100 guide text "max" vmax: f40 "255" right pad 0x292 vmin: f40 "0" right text "min" return space 2x2 box 20x400 ivory effect [draw[pen black line 20x0 0x0 0x399 20x399]] return im: image 400x400 ivory effect [grid 40x40 0x0 100.100.100 draw []] across pad 328x0 tx100 "nr. of samples:" nos: f40 right "100" return pad 328x0 tx100 "noise:" smt: f40 right "1" return pad 0x10 x-save: check true [either value [show axis-panel][hide axis-panel]] text "Save X axis data" [x-save/data: not x-save/data show x-save] font [colors: [0.0.0 60.60.200]] pad 0x-10 axis-panel: panel [ origin 15x10 across text "X axis from:" xfrom: field 50 "0" text "X axis to:" xto: field 50 "100" ] 280x45 edge [size: 1x1] return pad 0x30 text "Right-click on a marker, to delete it." 486 center return pad 80x20 btn "Add new marker" 120 [new-marker] btn "Create trend" 120 [create-trend] btn "Save trend" 120 [save-trend] at 90x56 dots: box 400x400 feel dot-feel ] eff: ['pen marker-color 'fill-pen marker-color] show-markers: has [bl marker][ marker-color: pick ['green 'red] (2 < length? markers) bl: reduce eff markers: head markers until [ if lesser? first first markers 0 [change markers 0x1 * first markers] if lesser? second first markers 0 [change markers 1x0 * first markers] if greater? first first markers 400 [change markers 400x0 + (0x1 * first markers)] if greater? second first markers 400 [change markers 0x400 + (1x0 * first markers)] append bl reduce ['circle first markers marker-radius] tail? markers: next markers ] markers: head markers dots/effect: reduce ['draw bl] show dots ] new-marker: does [ append markers 200x200 show-markers ] find-dot: func [offset /local marker o][ markers: head markers until [ o: abs offset - first markers if all [o/1 <= marker-radius o/2 <= marker-radius][markers: head drag-marker: markers return true] tail? markers: next markers ] markers: head markers false ] get-trend: func [w left right /local bl plasma ][ smooth: to-decimal smt/text bl: copy [] loop w [append bl 0] plasma: func [x w a b /local plot dis c w1][ plot: func [ a c ][ poke bl 1 + a (c * 400) ] dis: func [ n ][ ((random 1000) - 500) * n / trendw / 1000 ] either w > 1 [ w1: w / 2 c: (a + b) / 2 + dis ((w1 + abs left - right) * smooth) if c < 0 [c: 0] if c > 1 [c: 1] plasma x w1 a c plasma x + w1 w1 c b ][ plot x (a + b) / 2 ] ] plasma 0 w left right bl ] create-trend: has [ f a b ][ if error? try [ a: to-decimal smt/text b: to-integer nos/text ][ request/ok "Number of samples must be a positive integer, noise must be positive real number." return] trendw: b markers: unique head markers sort/compare markers func [a b][ a/1 < b/1 ] trend: copy [] markers: next head markers until [ a: first back markers b: first markers append trend get-trend to-integer ((b/x - a/x) * trendw) / 400 a/y / 400 b/y / 400 tail? markers: next markers ] ltrend: length? trend markers: head markers f: last im/effect clear f append f reduce ['line] x: markers/1/x mmax: last markers xstep: (mmax/x - x) / (ltrend - 1) for i 1 ltrend 1 [append f as-pair x pick trend i x: x + xstep] show im ] save-trend: has[b t tmin tmax] [ either not empty? trend [ if error? try [ tmin: to-decimal vmin/text tmax: to-decimal vmax/text ][ request/ok "Min and max must be positive real number." return] b: copy [] either x-save/data [ if error? try [ xmin: to-decimal xfrom/text xmax: to-decimal xto/text ][ request/ok "X axis FROM and TO must be positive real number." return] if lesser? xmax xmin [request/ok "X axis FROM must be lesser then X axis TO." return] x: xmin xstep: (xmax - xmin) / ((length? trend) - 1) foreach t trend [ append b reduce [x #"^-"] append b reduce [(400 - t) * (tmax - tmin) / 400 + tmin #"^/"] x: x + xstep ] ][ foreach t trend [append b reduce [#"^/" (400 - t) * (tmax - tmin) / 400 + tmin]] ] write clipboard:// form b request/ok "Trend saved to clipboard." ][request/ok "First generate a trend, then try again."] ] show-markers random/seed now inform lay
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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