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REBOL [ Title: "REBOL/View Desktop - Emailer" file: %vt-emailer.r Version: 1.2.0 Author: "Didier Cadieu" email: %didec--wanadoo--fr Date: 30-october-2004 purpose: { It's an enhancement of the original emailer released in the ViewDesktop. It handles file attachments. } History: [ 1.0.0 {Original release from REBOL Technologie (by Carl Sassenrath)} 1.1.0 {Adding files attachment handling : - new emailer/attach refinement working like 'send/attach - modified layout to manage attached files Require View 1.2.8+ } 1.2.0 {Adding "copy to myself" checkbox and change 'send logic} ] Rights: "Copyright REBOL Technologies 1999-2003" Tabs: "Tabspace is 4. PLEASE KEEP IT THAT WAY." License: { This software is the property of REBOL Technologies and is licensed to you under the terms of the REBOL/View Desktop License (included in this distribution). } library: [ level: 'advanced platform: 'all type: [module function] domain: [ui vid] tested-under: "View 1.2.8 and 1.2.46 WinXP" license: 'lgpl support: "email or altme" ] ] alive?: true ctx-emailer: context [ f-to: f-cc: f-copy: f-join: f-email: f-subject: f-msg: none ;-- Emailer layout: lo: [ style tx text bold 80x24 right style btn button 80x24 style fld field 300x24 style bts button 40x24 ; ADDED across origin 6x6 space 2x1 tx "To:" f-to: fld return tx "CC:" f-cc: fld return tx "From:" f-email: info 180 para [] ; CHANGED pad 7x2 f-copy: check pad 0x-2 text bold "Copy to myself" return ; ADDED tx "Subject:" f-subject: fld return tx "Attach:" f-join: text-list 300x50 data [] return ; ADDED tx "Message:" f-msg: area wrap 300x200 return at f-join/offset * 0x1 + 5x24 space 0x4 ; ADDED bts "Add" [add-file] bts "Rem" [del-file] below at f-msg/offset + f-msg/size * 0x1 + 5x-82 ; CHANGED btn "Send" #"^S" [submit-email] btn "Clear" [clear-all] btn "Close" escape [close-em] ] clear-all: does [ ; Clear emailer fields: clear-fields lo f-email/text: form system/user/email clear f-join/data ; ADDED clear f-msg/text f-msg/line-list: none show lo focus f-to ] ; THIS FUNC ADDED add-file: has [f r] [ ; Request and add file(s) to attach list: f: request-file/title/keep "File(s) to attach" "Add" if not none? f [ r: union f-join/data f append clear f-join/data r refresh-f-join ] ] ; THIS FUNC ADDED del-file: has [f r] [ ; Remove selected file(s) from attach list: if not any [none? f-join/picked empty? f-join/picked] [ r: exclude f-join/data f-join/picked append clear f-join/data r clear f-join/picked refresh-f-join ] ] ; THIS FUNC ADDED refresh-f-join: does [ ; Update slider and display the attach list: f-join/sn: f-join/sld/data: 0 f-join/sld/redrag f-join/lc / max 1 length? f-join/data show f-join ] submit-email: has [sending user hdr subject files cmd args] [ ; Send the email: ; Check file(s) existense ; THIS LOOP ADDED foreach f f-join/data [ if not exists? to-file f [ alert rejoin [ "File '" f "' not found : sending canceled !! " "Check attached file(s) and try again." ] exit ] ] sending: flash "Sending..." either error? try [ if empty? f-to/text [error-out-here] user: load/all f-to/text if not empty? f-cc/text [append user load/all f-cc/text] hdr: make system/standard/email [subject: f-subject/text] if not empty? f-to/text [hdr/to: copy f-to/text] if not empty? f-cc/text [hdr/cc: copy f-cc/text] ; WAS : ;send/header user f-msg/text hdr ; CHANGED BY ; Handling attached files and copy myself cmd: copy [send header] args: copy [user f-msg/text hdr] if not empty? f-join/data [ files: copy [] foreach f f-join/data [append files to-file f] append cmd 'attach append args 'files ] if f-copy/data [ append cmd 'only append user system/user/email ] do join reduce [to-path cmd] args ; either empty? f-join/data [ ; send/header user f-msg/text hdr ; ] [ ; files: copy [] ; foreach f f-join/data [append files to-file f] ; send/header/attach user f-msg/text hdr files ; ] ; END OF THIS CHANGE ][ unview/only sending alert "Error sending email. Check fields and check your network setup." ][ unview/only sending close-em alert "Your email has been sent." ] ] close-em: does [ ; Close the emailer view: unview/only lo ] set 'emailer func [ "Pops up a quick email sender." /to "Specify a target address" target [string! email!] /subject "Specify a subject line" what [string!] /attach "Specify files to attached" ; ADDED files [block! file!] ; ADDED /local req ][ if block? lo [lo: layout lo center-face lo] if not alive? [ alert "Email cannot be sent when offline." exit ] if not all [system/user/email system/schemes/default/host] [ req: request [{Your email settings are missing from the network preferences. Set them now?} "Setup" "Ignore" "Cancel"] if none? req [exit] if req [set-user] ] clear-all ; NEXT 4 LINES ADDED if attach [ if file? files [files: reduce [files]] foreach f files [append f-join/data to-string f] ] if to [f-to/text: copy target] if subject [f-subject/text: copy what] focus f-to view/new/title lo "Emailer" ] ] ; If launch alone, then run it if not system/script/parent/header [emailer do-events] ;--- if you want to test uncomment one of this line: ;emailer do-events ;emailer/attach %a-file.txt do-events ;emailer/attach [%a-file.txt %another.r] do-events
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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