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REBOL [ file: %vid-button.r date: 18-Feb-2004 title: "VID Button Set" author: "Ammon Johnson" email: %ammon--johnson--gmail--com purpose: "A simple VID Button set. Includes Ok, Cancel, Toggle and Choice" library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: ['tool 'demo] domain: ['gui 'ui 'user-interface 'vid] tested-under: 'winxp support: {email me with questions} license: none comment: {Free to use as-is, acknowledgement is appreciated. Please inform me of any enhancements you make. Provided with NO WARRANTY.} ] ] stylize/master [ button: button middle center with [ size: 120x25 font: make font [color: 220.220.220 colors: [220.220.220 240.240.240]] effect: [colorize 125.0.150 extend] edge: none image: do decompress #{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} font: make font [colors: [200.200.200 240.240.240] shadow: none] insert tail init [color: none] ] ok-button: button effect reduce ['extend 'colorize green] #"^M" font [colors: [0.0.0 80.80.80]] esc-button: ok-button effect reduce ['extend 'colorize red] #"^[" toggle: toggle center with [ image: get in (get-style 'button) 'image font: make font [color: 255.255.255 colors: [0.0.0 100.100.100] shadow: false] effect: [extend] edge: none append init [color: none] ] choice: choice with [ image: get in (get-style 'button) 'image effect: reduce ['colorize maroon 'extend] edge: none append init [color: none] ] ] ;comment {;Uncomment for example view layout [ button "Button" 150 ok-button "Ok Button" 150 esc-button "Cancel Button" 150 toggle "Toggle Up" "Toggle Down" choice "One" "Two" "Three" ] ;}
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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