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REBOL [ file: %vid-date.r date: 18-Feb-2004 title: "Date Selector" author: "Ammon Johnson" email: %ammon--johnson--gmail--com purpose: "A simple date selector VID style" library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: ['tool 'demo] domain: ['gui 'ui 'user-interface 'vid] tested-under: 'winxp support: {email me with questions} license: none comment: {Free to use as-is, acknowledgement is appreciated. Please inform me of any enhancements you make. Provided with NO WARRANTY.} ] ] stylize/master [ date: face with [ type: 'date get-date: has [date] [ if date: request-date [pane/1/text: date show pane/1] ] size: 100x20 words: [ default [new/text: first next args next args] ] resize: func [new] [ pane/1/size: new - 20x0 pane/2/offset: as-pair pane/1/size/x 0 ] init: [ pane: reduce [ make-face/spec 'field [text edge: make edge [size 1x1]] make-face/spec 'arrow [data: 'down action: [get-date] edge: make edge [size: 1x1]] ] resize size pane/1/text: text ] ;flags: [field tabbed] ] ] comment {;Uncomment this for an example view center-face layout [ date default now/date field ] }
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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