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REBOL [ Title: "Recursively scan directory" File: %scan-dir.r Date: 11-Oct-2007 Author: "Henrik Mikael Kristensen" Owner: "HMK Design" Rights: "Copyright (C) HMK Design 2005" Purpose: { Scans a directory recursively and returns path to all files in a block. Allows file matching and a callback function per file. } Library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: [tool] domain: [files] tested-under: [View under WindowsXP REBOL under WindowsXP] support: "See my website at for more scripts and my R2/R3 blog" license: 'bsd see-also: none ] ] scan-dir: func [ "Scans a directory recursively and returns path to all files in a block" root-dir [file!] /match file-match [file! string! block!] "Matches only given files" /callback callback-func "Performs function on file. Current file is the argument" /absolute "Absolute path instead of relative" /local file-block match-func scan-func ] [ unless all [exists? root-dir equal? #"/" last root-dir] [return none] file-block: make block! [] match-func: func [file [file!] match-val [file! string! block!]] [ switch to-word type? match-val [ file! [file = match-val] string! [found? find file match-val] block! [ foreach f match-val [if match-func file f [break/return true]] ] ] ] scan-func: func [dir /local files] [ files: read dir foreach file files [ either equal? #"/" last file [ scan-func root-dir: root-dir/:file ][ if any [ not match all [ match any [ empty? file-match match-func file file-match ] ] ] [ insert tail file-block either absolute [ to-file reduce [what-dir root-dir file] ][ root-dir/:file ] ] if callback [do :callback-func root-dir/:file] ] ] root-dir: first split-path root-dir file-block ] scan-func root-dir ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage