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REBOL [ Title: "Save Scheme" Date: 2-Nov-2016 Version: 1.0.0 File: %save-scheme.r Author: "Annick Ecuyer" Purpose: "Saves scheme specification to a file." Usage: { save-scheme where scheme /header header-data Write a formatted scheme specification to a file: save-scheme %ftp-protocol.r 'ftp Do-ing the generated script install the protocol: do %ftp-protocol.r * where [string! binary! file! url! none!] Destination can be a string too: save-scheme scheme: copy {} 'nntp write %nntp-protocol.r or none: write %nntp-protocol.r save-scheme none 'nntp * scheme [word! object! port!] The scheme can be a word: save-scheme %http-protocol.r 'http an object: save-scheme %http-protocol.r system/schemes/http a port (opened or not): port: open close port save-scheme %http-protocol port * /header header-data [block! object! logic! none!] Specify the script header to use: save-scheme/header %whois-protocol.r compose [ Title: "WhoIs" Date: (system/build) Version: (system/version) ] Disable the script header: save-scheme/header %daytime-protocol.r 'Daytime none } Library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: [tool] domain: [testing debug protocols schemes dialects] tested-under: [ core 2.2 on [Macintosh os755-68k] view 1.0.0 on [Amiga os31-68k] view 1.2.10 on [Windows xp-x86] core 2.7.8 on [Macintosh osx-x86] saphir-view 2.101.0 on [Macintosh osx-x86] ] support: none license: 'bsd see-also: none ] ] save-scheme: func [ "Saves scheme specification to a file." where [file! url! binary! string! none!] "Where to save it." scheme [word! object! port!] "Scheme to save." /header "Uses the supplied REBOL header" header-data [block! object! logic! none!] "Header block or object, TRUE for default, or NONE for none" /local emit out pad words? search-word compare-objects list-fields differences template scheme-name ][ scheme: any [ all [word? scheme get in system/schemes scheme] all [port? scheme object? scheme/scheme scheme/scheme] scheme ] if error? try [scheme-name: scheme/scheme] [scheme-name: scheme/name] out: either any [binary? where string? where] [where] [copy ""] emit: func [value][append out join "" :value] pad: copy " " words?: either value? 'words-of [:words-of][func [value][next first :value]] search-word: func [value][ foreach word words? system/words [ if all [value? word: in system/words word] [ if same? get word :value [return word] ] ] none ] compare-objects: func [ object1 object2 /local changed append-field field-type ][ changed: copy [] append-field: [ append changed to-word field field-type: type? field: get f: in object2 :field append changed any [ all [find [native! action!] to-word mold field-type join "get in system/words '" to-word mold search-word :field] all [word! = field-type mold to-lit-word field] all ['port-flags = last changed any [ all [ field = system/standard/port-flags/direct "system/standard/port-flags/direct" ] all [ field = system/standard/port-flags/pass-thru "system/standard/port-flags/pass-thru" ] mold system/standard/port-flags/pass-thru ]] mold :field ] ] foreach field words? object1 [ if (load mold get in object1 field) <> (load mold get in object2 field) bind append-field 'field ] foreach field skip words? object2 length? words? object1 append-field changed ] list-fields: func [fields padding /interline] [ if object? fields [fields: compare-objects make object! [] fields] padding: join "" padding foreach [field value] fields compose/deep [ emit [(padding) mold :field ": " replace/all copy value "^/" (join "^/" padding) newline (either interline [newline][""]) ] ] ] if any [none? header all [header header-data]] [ header-data: any [ all [block? header-data make object! header-data] all [object? header-data header-data] make object! [Title: join mold scheme-name " Protocol" Date: now] ] emit ["REBOL [" newline] list-fields header-data [pad] emit ["]" newline newline] ] either value? 'Root-Protocol [ emit ["make Root-Protocol [" newline] emit [pad {"} form scheme/scheme { protocol."} newline newline] list-fields/interline compare-objects Root-Protocol scheme/handler [pad] emit [pad "net-utils/net-install " form scheme-name " self " scheme/port-id newline ] template: [scheme: port-id: handler: proxy: passive: cache-size: none] differences: either port? scheme [ [] ][ compare-objects make system/standard/port template make scheme template ] if not empty? differences [ emit [pad "system/schemes/" scheme/scheme ": make system/schemes/" scheme/scheme " [" newline ] list-fields differences [pad pad] emit [pad "]" newline] ] emit ["]" newline] ][ emit ["sys/make-scheme [" newline] emit [pad "name: '" mold scheme/name newline] emit [pad "title: " mold scheme/title newline] if all [not none? in scheme 'spec object? scheme/spec] [ template: either find words? scheme/spec 'host [ 'system/standard/port-spec-net ][ 'system/standard/port-spec-head ] differences: compare-objects get template scheme/spec emit [pad "spec: make " form template " ["] either empty? differences [ emit ["]" newline] ][ emit [newline] list-fields differences [pad pad] emit [pad "]" newline] ] ] if all [not none? in scheme 'info object? scheme/info] [ template: either find words? scheme/info 'local-ip [ 'system/standard/net-info ][ 'system/standard/file-info ] differences: compare-objects get template scheme/info emit [pad "info: make " form template " ["] either empty? differences [ emit ["]" newline] ][ emit [newline] list-fields differences [pad pad] emit [pad "]" newline] ] ] either object? get in scheme 'actor [ emit [pad "actor: [ " newline] foreach [field value] body-of scheme/actor [ emit [ pad pad field " func " replace/all mold spec-of :value "^/" join "^/" [pad pad] " " replace/all mold body-of :value "^/" join "^/" [pad pad] newline ] ] emit [pad "]" newline] ][ if native? get in scheme 'actor [ emit [";" pad "actor: " mold get in scheme 'actor newline] ] ] either function? get in scheme 'awake [ emit [pad "awake: " replace/all mold get in scheme 'awake "^/" join "^/" pad newline ] ][ if native? get in scheme 'awake [ emit [";" pad "awake: " mold get in scheme 'awake newline] ] ] differences: compare-objects make system/standard/scheme [name: title: spec: info: actor: awake: none] make scheme [name: title: spec: info: actor: awake: none] if not empty? differences [ list-fields differences [pad] ] emit ["]" newline] ] if any [file? where url? where] [write where out] out ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage