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REBOL [ Title: "RIP - Standard File Archiver" Date: 23-Jun-2000 Version: 1.3.1 File: %rip.r Author: "Carl Sassenrath" Purpose: { A file archiver that works across 37 platforms. Compresses all files and subdirectories into a single binary, self-extracting archive file. (Similar to ZIP programs, but only 3KB.) } History: [ 1.0.0 22-Feb-2000 "Carl Sassenrath" "Original code." 1.1.0 24-Feb-2000 "Cal Dixon" "Added subdirectoy support" 1.2.0 20-May-2000 "Carl Sassenrath" "Standard security is better" 1.3.0 9-Jun-2000 "Various cleanup." 1.3.1 23-Jun-2000 "Merged Cal's code back." ] Email: %carl--rebol--com Note: "Overwrites files by default!" library: [ level: 'advanced platform: none type: 'tool domain: 'file-handling tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] verbose: on ; turn off for less info path: to-file ask { Enter the relative directory path. Press RETURN key for current directory, or type a path in the form: dir/dir/dir Directory? } if empty? path [path: %./] if (last path) <> #"/" [append path #"/"] if not exists? path [print [path "does not exist"] halt] file-list: [] archive: make binary! 32000 if verbose [print "Archiving:"] foreach file files: read path [ either dir? path/:file [ append file-list reduce [file 'DIR ] foreach newfile read path/:file [append files file/:newfile] ][ if verbose [prin [tab file " "]] data: read/binary path/:file if verbose [prin [length? data " -> "]] data: compress data if verbose [print [length? data]] append archive data append file-list reduce [file length? data] ] ] if verbose [ print [newline "Total size:" length? archive "Checksum:" checksum archive newline] ] filename: to-file ask "Output archive file name? " if empty? filename [filename:] if not find filename "." [append filename ".rip"] if all [exists? filename not confirm reform ["Overwrite file" filename "? "]] [ print "stopped" halt ] set [ignore file] split-path filename file: to-file file ; for 2.2 compat header: mold compose/deep [ REBOL [ Title: "REBOL Self-extracting Binary Archive (RIP)" Date: (now) File: (file) Note: (reform [{To extract, type REBOL} file {or run REBOL and type: do} file]) ] file: (file) size: (length? archive) path: (path) verbose: not all [system/script/args system/script/args = 'quiet] files: (reduce [file-list]) check: (checksum archive) if not exists? path [make-dir path] archive: read/binary file archive: next find/case/tail archive to-binary join "!DATA" ":" if check <> checksum archive [print ["Checksum failed" check checksum archive] halt] foreach [file len] files [ if verbose [print [tab file]] either len = 'DIR [ if not exists? path/:file [make-dir path/:file] ][ data: decompress copy/part archive len archive: skip archive len either any [ not exists? path/:file confirm reform [file "already exists - overwrite? "] ][write/binary path/:file data][print "skipped"] ] ] none ] insert archive reduce [header newline "!DATA:" newline] write/binary filename archive
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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