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REBOL [ Title: "RIM - REBOL Instant Messenger" Date: 5-Jul-2001/3:45-7:00 Version: 1.2.2 File: %rim.r Author: "Sean & Carl Sassenrath" Purpose: "A true peer-to-peer instant messenger." History: [ 1.0.0 20-May-2001 "Original version" 1.0.8 21-May-2001 "Welcome, auto-popup, and log-file options added." 1.1.0 22-May-2001 {User list indicates connection. Disconnect supported.} 1.2.0 17-Jun-2001 "Added window resizing." 1.2.1 5-Jul-2001 {'me dialog added. Timestamp option added. Changes by Seth Chromick (%vache--bluejellybean--com)} 1.2.2 1-Nov-2001 "Validate local users file. -Carl" ] Email: %carl--rebol--com library: [ level: 'advanced platform: none type: 'tool domain: [ldc other-net tcp GUI] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] comment { opts: center-face layout [ across text "Name:" tab me: field user-prefs/name return across text "Site:" tab site: field "" return across text "Pop to top?:" tab pop-to-top: check return across text "Logfile:" tab log-file: field "none" return across text "Greeting:" tab greeting: field "Hello! :)" return button "Close" [unview/only opts] ] "RIM Options" } me: any [request-text/title/default "Enter your name:" user-prefs/name] site: timestamp: yes user: replace/all copy me " " "%20" pop-to-top: on log-file: off ; Set to %rim-save.txt to save msgs greeting: none poll-time: 0:01 users: either exists? %rim-users.r [load %rim-users.r][[]] ; Only strings allowed: forall users [ if not string? users/1 [remove users][users: next users] ] users: head users user-list: [] ports: [] instructions: trim/auto { If you are using a firewall, it will block incoming connections. However, outgoing connections will work (if no firewall on other side). Click on one or more names in the list to connect directly to them. Click Greet to provide a greeting when people connect to you. } open-listen: does [ if error? try [listener: open/lines tcp://:7070][ alert "Computer will not allow connections." quit ] ports: reduce [poll-time listener] ] quit-prog: does [ read join site/lookup.r?cmd=remove&service=chat&name= user foreach p next ports [close p] quit ] announce: has [active] [ li/effect: [gradcol 255.0.0 200.200.0] show li if error? try [ user-list: load join site/lookup.r?cmd=post&service=chat&name= [user "&data=7070"] ][ show-msg "Cannot connect to name lookup server." exit ] active: extract user-list 4 if not empty? exclude active users [ users: union users active save %rim-users.r users ] sort/compare users func [a b] [ if not find active a [return 1] if not find active b [return -1] 0 ] li/effect: none show [ul li] ] toggle-user: func [user] [ if not disconnect-user user [connect-to user] ] disconnect-user: func [user] [ if port: is-here? user [ close port remove find ports port return true ] ] connect-to: func [user /local port] [ if not user: find user-list user [exit] flash rejoin ["Connecting directly to " user/1 "..."] if error? try [port: open/lines join tcp:// [user/2 ":" user/4]][ unview show-msg rejoin ["Cannot connect to: " user/1 " Could be behind a firewall."] exit ] unview append ports port show-msg reform ["Connected to:" user/1 "on" port/remote-ip] insert port join me " is here." ] is-here?: func [user /local ip] [ if ip: select user-list user [ foreach port next next ports [ if ip = port/remote-ip [return port] ] ] ] port-to-user: func [port /local user] [ either user: find user-list port/remote-ip [first back user]["Someone"] ] main-loop: has [port line time new] [ time: now forever [ port: wait ports if port [ either port = listener [ append ports new: first listener insert new join "Hello from " me if greeting [ insert new greeting show-msg join "I said: " greeting ] if not find user-list new/remote-ip [time: now - 1] ][ if error? try [line: first port][ line: reform [port-to-user port "disconnected."] remove find ports port ] show-msg line if log-file [write/append log-file reform [now line newline]] ] if pop-to-top [win/changes: 'activate show win] ] if now - poll-time > time [announce time: now] ] ] scroll-para: func [tf sf /local tmp][ ;!!! fix bug in View! (not - 0x30) if none? tf/para [exit] tmp: min 0x0 tf/size - (size-text tf) either sf/size/x > sf/size/y [tf/para/scroll/x: sf/data * first tmp] [ tf/para/scroll/y: sf/data * second tmp] show tf ] send-msg: has [line] [ if empty? trim/all copy talk/text [exit] li/effect: [colorize 180.180.180] show li either timestamp [ line: rejoin [me " [" now/time "] : " talk/text] ][ line: rejoin [me ": " talk/text] ] foreach p next next ports [insert p line] if log-file [write/append log-file reform [now line newline]] li/effect: none show li show-msg join "I said: " talk/text unfocus clear talk/text talk/line-list: none focus talk ] show-msg: func [txt] [ append msg/text txt append msg/text newline update-para ] update-para: does [ sld/data: 1 show sld scroll-para msg sld ] cnt: 0 win: center-face layout [ origin 0x0 space 0x0 backcolor black style menu text 50x24 white center middle bold here: at text "On-line Users:" white black bold 120x24 middle [announce] across ul: list 108x300 [ space 0 text 160x16 font-size 10 [toggle-user bud] ] supply [ count: count + cnt face/text: face/color: none if count > length? users [return none] face/text: bud: pick users count face/font/color: either find user-list bud [black][pewter] if is-here? bud [face/color: yellow] ] sl: slider ul/size * 0x1 + 12x0 [ c: to-integer value * ((length? users) - 8) if cnt <> c [cnt: c show ul] ] return at here + 120x0 guide pad 6 menu "Send" [send-msg] menu "Greet" [greeting: any [request-text/title/default "Greeting Message:" greeting greeting]] menu "Options" [alert "Need to make an option dialog. See the source!"] menu "Quit" [quit-prog] pad 186 li: image logo.gif [browse] return msg: area 480x250 wrap instructions sld: slider 12x250 [scroll-para msg sld] return below talk: field 480x50 wrap [send-msg] ] resize-window: func [size] [ win/size: size ul/size/y: sl/size/y: size/y - 24 talk/size/x: msg/size/x: size/x - ul/size/x - sl/size/x - sld/size/x sld/size/y: msg/size/y: size/y - talk/size/y - 24 talk/offset/y: msg/offset/y + msg/size/y sld/offset/x: msg/offset/x + msg/size/x li/offset/x: size/x - li/size/x show win ] view/new/title/options win reform [system/script/header/title system/script/header/version] [resize] deflag-face talk tabbed insert-event-func [ switch event/type [ close [quit-prog] resize [resize-window win/size] ] event ] focus talk flash "Announcing presence..." announce unview open-listen main-loop
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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