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REBOL [ Title: "Representing And Relating Data In A Text-list" Date: 11-Oct-2007 Name: "Representing And Relating Data In A Text-list" Version: 1.0.1 File: %representation-in-text-lists.r Author: "R. v.d.Zee" Rights: "Copyright (C) R. v.d.Zee" Tabs: 4 History: [ "11-Oct-2007 Version: 1.0.0 Upload To Library" ] Library: [ level: 'beginner platform: 'all type: [how-to reference demo] domain: [gui text-processing] tested-under: 'WXP support: none License: none ] Purpose: {- to illustrate a method to format columns in text-lists - to illustrate a method of relating the representation of data in a text-list with the data - to illustrate how non unique data may be presented in text-lists } Note: {To represent data in text-lists in orderly columns, use font/name: font-fixed. Font-fixed characters have the same width. Append or insert spaces to the data as illustrated in the make-columns function. A single hi-lite of duplicated data can be achieved. When representing the data, a unique number may be appended to the row string. This number does not need to be shown in the text-list. The number does not become part of the data. Adding unique numbers would not be needed if the data were unique. The selected or picked row is related to the data with "skip-point: index? find example-list/data to-block mold face/picked" Unlike left aligned fields, the text insertion bar of right aligned fields may remain to the right of the right aligned field!} ] make-columns: [ unique-counter: 1 forall example-data [ row: copy [] row-string: copy {} append row-string example-data/1/1 loop (30 - (length? example-data/1/1)) [append row-string " "] append row-string example-data/1/2 loop (30 - (length? example-data/1/2)) [append row-string " "] loop (10 - (length? form example-data/1/3)) [append row-string " "] ;form - non string data append row-string form pick first example-data 3 loop 15 [append row-string " "] append row-string unique-counter unique-counter: unique-counter + 1 append row row-string print row-string ;print to show the hidden number append/only example-list/data row show example-list ] ] clear-up: [ clear example-list/data example-data: head example-data edit-ready?: false title-field/text: author-field/text: num-field/text: "" show [title-field author-field num-field] reset-face example-list ;removes hi-lite focus none ;removes field hi-lite ] edit-ready?: false ;used to control the "Change" button list-&-data: layout [ size 900x600 backdrop navy style inputs field 140 origin 60x30 example-list: text-list 600x300 teal orange with [font/name: font-fixed] [ skip-point: index? find example-list/data to-block mold face/picked example-data: head example-data example-data: skip example-data skip-point - 1 title-field/text: example-data/1/1 author-field/text: example-data/1/2 num-field/text: example-data/1/3 edit-ready?: true show [title-field author-field num-field] ] across title-field: inputs 160 author-field: inputs num-field: inputs 100 right btn "Change" [ if edit-ready? [ example-data/1/1: title-field/text example-data/1/2: author-field/text example-data/1/3: to-integer num-field/text ;to-integer, maintaining the data structure example-data: head example-data data-view/text: mold example-data show data-view do clear-up do make-columns ] ] btn "Represent Data" [ do clear-up do make-columns ] return below data-view: info 400x100 silver ] example-data: [ ["Sometimes A Great Notion" "Ken Kesey" 4539485] ["For Whom The Bell Tolls" "Earnest Hemingway" 23453] ["Cannery Row" "John Steinbeck" 342244] ["Cannery Row" "John Steinbeck" 342244] ] data-view/text: mold example-data print now view list-&-data
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage