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REBOL [ Title: "Rebocalc" Date: 19-Jun-2001 Version: 1.0.0 File: %rebocalc.r Author: "Carl Sassenrath" Purpose: {The world's smallest spreadsheet program, but very powerful.} Email: %carl--rebol--com library: [ level: 'beginner platform: [all plugin] plugin: [size: 900x550] type: 'tool domain: [math GUI] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] csize: 100x20 max-x: 8 max-y: 16 pane: [] xy: csize / 2 + 1 * 1x0 yx: csize + 1 * 0x1 layout [ cell: field csize edge none [enter face compute face/para/scroll: 0x0] label: text csize white black bold center ] ;--Headings: char: #"A" repeat x max-x [ append pane make label [offset: xy text: char] set in last pane 'offset xy xy: csize + 1 * 1x0 + xy char: char + 1 ] repeat y max-y [ append pane make label [offset: yx text: y size: csize * 1x2 / 2] yx: csize + 1 * 0x1 + yx ] xy: csize * 1x2 / 2 + 1 ;--Cells: cells: tail pane repeat y max-y [ char: #"A" repeat x max-x [ v: to-word join char y set v none char: char + 1 append pane make cell [offset: xy text: none var: v formula: none] xy: csize + 1 * 1x0 + xy ] xy: csize * 1x2 / 2 + 1 + (xy * 0x1) ] enter: func [face /local data] [ if empty? face/text [exit] set face/var face/text data: either face/text/1 = #"=" [next face/text][face/text] if error? try [data: load data] [exit] if find [integer! decimal! money! time! date! tuple! pair!] type?/word :data [set face/var data exit] if face/text/1 = #"=" [face/formula: :data] ; string case falls thru ] compute: has [blk] [ unfocus foreach cell cells [ if cell/formula [ ;probe cell/var if error? cell/text: try [do cell/formula] [cell/text: "ERROR!"] set cell/var cell/text show cell ] ] ] lo: layout [ bx: box second span? pane pad 55x0 text as-is trim/auto { Cells can be numbers, times, money, tuples, pairs, etc. If a cell is not a scalar value, then it is treated as a string. Start formulas with the = character. Any REBOL expression is valid. Remember to put spaces between each item in a formula. Use ( ) where needed. Refer to cells as A1 D8 E10. Example: =A1 + B1 * length? B8 Example: in A1 type REBOL, in B1 type =length? a1, in C1 type =reverse copy a1 Then: in D1 =checksum A1. Now, change A1 to "Amazing!" In A2 type 1 + 2 (no =), in B2 type =A2. Now change A2 to 3 * 4. Try: =(now/time) or =request-date or =checksum read rejoin [http://www. A1 ".com"] Computation moves from top to bottom. It is non-iterative. } ] bx/pane: pane view lo
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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