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REBOL [ Title: "Rebodex" Date: 2-Apr-2001 Version: 2.1.0 File: %rebodex.r Author: "Carl Sassenrath" Purpose: "A simple but useful address book contact database." Email: %carl--rebol--com library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: none type: 'tool domain: [file-handling DB GUI] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] names-path: %names.r ;data file name-list: none fields: [name company title work cell home car fax web email smail notes updat] names: either exists? names-path [load names-path][ [[name "Carl Sassenrath" title "Founder" company "REBOL Technologies" email "%carl--rebol--com" web ""]] ] brws: [ if not empty? web/text [ if not find web/text "http://" [insert web/text "http://"] error? try [browse web/text] ] ] dial: [request [rejoin ["Dial number for " name/text "? (Not implemented.)"] "Dial" "Cancel"]] dex-styles: stylize [ lab: label 60x20 right bold middle font-size 11 btn: button 64x20 font-size 11 edge [size: 1x1] fld: field 200x20 font-size 11 middle edge [size: 1x1] inf: info font-size 11 middle edge [size: 1x1] ari: field wrap font-size 11 edge [size: 1x1] with [flags: [field tabbed]] ] dex-pane1: layout/offset [ origin 0 space 2x0 across styles dex-styles lab "Name" name: fld bold return lab "Title" title: fld return lab "Company" company: fld return lab "Email" email: fld return lab "Web" brws web: fld return lab "Address" smail: ari 200x72 return lab "Updated" updat: inf 200x20 return ] 0x0 updat/flags: none dex-pane2: layout/offset [ origin 0 space 2x0 across styles dex-styles lab "Work #" dial work: fld 140 return lab "Home #" dial home: fld 140 return lab "Cell #" dial cell: fld 140 return lab "Alt #" dial car: fld 140 return lab "Fax #" fax: fld 140 return lab "Notes" notes: ari 140x72 return pad 136x1 btn "Close" #"^q" [store-entry save-file quit] ] 0x0 dex: layout [ origin 8x8 space 0x1 styles dex-styles srch: fld 196x20 bold across rslt: list 180x150 [ nt: txt 178x15 middle font-size 11 [ store-entry curr: cnt find-name nt/text update-entry unfocus show dex ] ] supply [ cnt: count + scroll-off face/text: "" face/color: snow if not n: pick name-list cnt [exit] face/text: select n 'name face/font/color: black if curr = cnt [face/color: system/view/vid/vid-colors/field-select] ] sl: slider 16x150 [scroll-list] return return btn "New" #"^n" [new-name] btn "Del" #"^d" [delete-name unfocus update-entry search-all show dex] btn "Sort" [sort names sort name-list show rslt] return at srch/offset + (srch/size * 1x0) bx1: box dex-pane1/size bx2: box dex-pane2/size return ] bx1/pane: dex-pane1/pane bx2/pane: dex-pane2/pane rslt/data: [] this-name: first names name-list: copy names curr: none search-text: "" scroll-off: 0 srch/feel: make srch/feel [ redraw: func [face act pos][ face/color: pick face/colors face <> system/view/focal-face if all [face = system/view/focal-face face/text <> search-text] [ search-text: copy face/text search-all if 1 = length? name-list [this-name: first name-list update-entry show dex] ] ] ] update-file: func [data] [ set [path file] split-path names-path if not exists? path [make-dir/deep path] write names-path data ] save-file: has [buf] [ buf: reform [{REBOL [Title: "Name Database" Date:} now "]^/[^/"] foreach n names [repend buf [mold n newline]] update-file append buf "]" ] delete-name: does [ remove find/only names this-name if empty? names [append-empty] save-file new-name ] clean-names: function [][n][ forall names [ if any [empty? first names none? n: select first names 'name empty? n][ remove names ] ] names: head names ] search-all: function [] [ent flds] [ clean-names clear name-list flds: [name] either empty? search-text [insert name-list names][ foreach nam names [ foreach word flds [ if all [ent: select nam word find ent search-text][ append/only name-list nam break ] ] ] ] scroll-off: 0 sl/data: 0 resize-drag scroll-list curr: none show [rslt sl] ] new-name: does [ store-entry clear-entry search-all append-empty focus name ; update-entry ] append-empty: does [append/only names this-name: copy []] find-name: function [str][] [ foreach nam names [ if str = select nam 'name [ this-name: nam break ] ] ] store-entry: has [val ent flag] [ flag: 0 if not empty? trim name/text [ foreach word fields [ val: trim get in get word 'text either ent: select this-name word [ if ent <> val [insert clear ent val flag: flag + 1] ][ if not empty? val [repend this-name [word copy val] flag: flag + 1] ] if flag = 1 [flag: 2 updat/text: form now] ] if not zero? flag [save-file] ] ] update-entry: does [ foreach word fields [ insert clear get in get word 'text any [select this-name word ""] ] show rslt ] clear-entry: does [ clear-fields bx1 clear-fields bx2 updat/text: form now unfocus show dex ] show-names: does [ clear rslt/data foreach n name-list [ if n/name [append rslt/data n/name] ] show rslt ] scroll-list: does [ scroll-off: max 0 to-integer 1 + (length? name-list) - (100 / 16) * sl/data show rslt ] do resize-drag: does [sl/redrag 100 / max 1 (16 * length? name-list)] center-face dex new-name focus srch show-names view/new/title dex reform [system/script/header/title system/script/header/version] insert-event-func [ either all [event/type = 'close event/face = dex][ store-entry quit ][event] ] do-events
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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