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REBOL [ Title: "RebGUI span Example" File: %rebgui-sizing.r Author: "Brian Tiffin" Date: 05-Jun-2007 Version: 1.0.0 Rights: "Copyright (c) 2007 Brian Tiffin" Credits: "Ashley Truter; RebGUI designer...the 'u' in Truter is properly ü" Home: Usage: "do" Purpose: "RebGUI tutorial; display images, with widget span and window resizing" Comment: "RebGUI does not need VID...but here, it is loaded with VID by using REBOL/View" History: [05-Jun-2007 1.0.0 "btiffin" "First cut"] library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: 'how-to domain: 'GUI tested-under: [view on "Debian GNU/Linux 4.0" by "btiffin"] support: [ "Altme REBOL3 World !RebGUI forum" svn:// ] license: 'MIT see-also: "rebgui-image.r and view-image.r" ] ] ; Load in RebGUI. Please note; the #include %rebgui.r allows for SDK but still works with "do" #include %rebgui.r unless value? 'ctx-rebgui [do-thru] ; Display all the stock REBOL/View VID images...a bit of a misnomer when using RebGUI... ; There is no real 'intelligence' building this span's just a demo ispec: copy [] ; Empty spec span: #WH ; First panel widget can grow in Width and Height insert tail ispec [after 4] ; RebGUI will insert a "return" every 4 widgets foreach [name data other] system/view/VID/image-stock [ if image? data [ insert tail ispec compose/deep [panel sky (span) data [text (form name) image (data)]] span: #XY ; All other panels move in the X and the Y ] ] display "RebGUI Resizable display of all VID Stock Images" ispec do-events
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage