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REBOL [ Title: "R2HTML" Date: 21-Dec-2002 Name: 'R2HTML Version: 1.3.1 File: %r2html.r Author: "Andrew Martin" Rights: "Copyright (c) 2002, Andrew Martin." Needs: [%ML.r %Map.r] Usage: [ write %file.html R2HTML read %file.r ] Purpose: "Converts .r rebol script file into a .html file." Comment: { ^-^-Converts .r rebol script file into a .html file. ^-^-The resulting .html file displays the rebol script ^-^-and allows execution of the rebol script. ^-^-} eMail: %Al--Bri--xtra--co--nz Web: library: [ level: none platform: none type: 'tool domain: 'web tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] make object! [ ; A temporary replacement for "amp;" to avoid infinite recursion. ; Don't simplify! Why? ; The constant will be replaced when this script is converted to HTML! ; "amp;" with "R2HTML" between each letter. Amp_Entity_Replacement: join "a" "R2HTMLmR2HTMLpR2HTML;" Named_Entities: [ "quot" "amp" "lt" "gt" "nbsp" "iexcl" "cent" "pound" "curren" "yen" "brvbar" "sect" "uml" "copy" "ordf" "laquo" "not" "shy" "reg" "macr" "deg" "plusmn" "sup2" "sup3" "acute" "micro" "para" "middot" "cedil" "sup1" "ordm" "raquo" "frac14" "frac12" "frac34" "iquest" "times" "Oslash" ] Replace_Named_Entities: func [Script [string!]] [ Map Named_Entities func [Entity [string!]] [ replace/all Script join #"&" Entity join #"&" [Amp_Entity_Replacement Entity] ] Script ] Replace_Entities: func [Script [string!]] [ replace/all Script "&#" join "&" [Amp_Entity_Replacement "#"] Replace_Named_Entities Script replace/all Script "<" "<" replace/all Script ">" ">" replace/all Script Amp_Entity_Replacement "amp;" Script ] set 'R2HTML function [Script [string!] "Rebol script to convert to HTML."] [Header] [ Header: first load/header Script ML compose/deep [ html [ title (Header/Title) ] body [ h1 (Header/Title) table [( map next first Header function [Word] [Value] [ if Value: get in Header Word [ ML compose/deep [ tr [ td [(to-string mold to-set-word Word)] td [( switch/default type?/word Value [ url! [ compose [ a/href (Value) (to-string Value) ] ] email! [ compose [ a/href (join "mailto:" Value) (to-string Value Header/Title) ] ] string! [ trim Value ] block! [ compose [ pre (detab mold Value) ] ] ] [ mold Value ] )] ] ] ] ] )] pre (detab Replace_Entities Script) ] ] ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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