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REBOL [ File: %profile-timer.r Title: "Event profile timer" Author: "Sunanda" Date: 6-oct-2004 Version: 0.0.0 Purpose: {Helps you time events when tuning code} Library: [ level: 'beginner platform: 'all type: [tool] domain: [testing] tested-under: [win] support: none license: [gpl] see-also: none ] ] profile-timer: func [event-name [string!] /start /stop /show /show-all /reset /local timer-block current-event now-time event-template ][ now-time: now/time/precise event-template: make object! [event-id: "" total-completed-events: 0 total-time: 0:0:0 current-event: none ] timer-block: [] if show-all [return timer-block] if reset [clear timer-block return true] ;; Must be start or stop or show ;; ----------------------------- current-event: none foreach event timer-block [ if event/event-id = event-name [ current-event: event break ] ] if all [none? current-event stop] [make error! "trying to stop timing of an unknown event"] if all [none? current-event show] [make error! "trying to show an unknown event"] if show [return current-event] if all [stop none? current-event/current-event] [make error! "trying to stop an unstarted event"] if stop [ current-event/total-completed-events: 1 + current-event/total-completed-events current-event/total-time: current-event/total-time + (now-time - current-event/current-event/1) current-event/current-event: none return current-event ] ;; only possibility left is a start ;; -------------------------------- if none? current-event [ current-event: make event-template [] current-event/event-id: event-name insert timer-block current-event ] if not none? current-event/current-event [make error! "trying to start an already started event"] current-event/current-event: copy reduce [now-time] return current-event ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage