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rebol [ Title: "Podcast Chopper" Date: 01-Jan-2007 Name: 'Podcast-Chopper Version: 0.1.0 File: %podcast-chopper.r Author: "r vdZee" Owner: "r vdZee" Rights: "Copyright (C) r vdZee 2007" Tabs: 4 Purpose: { - downloads an MP3 podcast as a number of smaller files, so that listening to the file file may be resumed at a number of points } Comment: { - script illustrates how to chop a file, but is of limited application - almost all MP3 players will fast forward & reverse - note how "copy/part" moves along the file, "skip" by itself, is not used - "Seek mode added for random access to large files" - "Copy and Checksum Large Files" } History: [ 0.1.0 [1-Jan-2007 "released" ] ] Language: 'English library: [ level: 'beginner platform: 'all type: 'tool domain: [sound file-handling] tested-under: [view on "Mepis Linux"] support: none license: 'mit see-also: none ] ] mp3-file: print system/script/title print join "looking for " reduce mp3-file either exists? mp3-file [ print join "file size " size? mp3-file ][ print "url not found" print "terminating in 5 seconds" wait 5 quit ] file-name: %nasa- chunk: 2000000 content: make binary! chunk part-number: 100 number-of-files: (round/ceiling divide (size? mp3-file) chunk) print rejoin ["downloading into "number-of-files " files..."] print join "writing to " system/script/path open-port: open/direct/binary mp3-file loop number-of-files [ data: copy/part open-port chunk write/binary rejoin [file-name part-number %.mp3] data part-number: part-number + 1 print rejoin [file-name part-number ".mp3 done"] ] close open-port print "done"
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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