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REBOL [ File: %number-buttons-game.r Date: 23-Sep-2014 Title: "The number-memory buttons" Purpose: { In this game you will have to click the buttons and memorize the numebers, at the end you will be asked to write the bigger or the smaller. This is a race against your memory. } Know-bugs: { When you enter the number the game will always say that it is wrong, even if it is rigth. Buttons when moving on the screen may overlap thus becoming hard to see If you know how to fix these bugs just tell me and I will add you in the credits } Credits: { The Stack Overflow REBOL chat that gave me some technical hints about rebol. "Noone (now)" that solved one/any bug/s } Author: "Caridorc" library: [ level: 'beginner platform: 'all type: [game] domain: [game] tested-under: "Windows" support: riki100024 AT gmail DOT com license: { This simple game is licensed under the CC 3.0 Attribution only license. You can use and/or distribute and/or modify and/or make money from this programme but you should put my name in the credits } see-also: none ] ] random/seed now/precise heigth: 600 length: 800 view layout [ size as-pair length heigth jumper1: button to-string 1 [ a: random 100 alert [to-string a] b1pressed: True jumper1/offset: random as-pair length - 50 heigth - 50 ] jumper2: button to-string 2 [ b: random 100 alert [to-string b] b2pressed: True jumper2/offset: random as-pair length - 50 heigth - 50] jumper3: button to-string 3 [ c: random 100 alert [to-string c] b3pressed: True jumper3/offset: random as-pair length - 50 heigth - 50 ] jumper4: button to-string 4 [ d: random 100 alert [to-string d] b4pressed: True jumper4/offset: random as-pair length - 50 heigth - 50] jumper5: button to-string 5 [ e: random 100 alert [to-string e] b5pressed: True jumper5/offset: random as-pair length - 50 heigth - 50 either ((random 2) = 1) [user-bigger: request-text/title "Which one was bigger?" real-bigger: maximum-of reduce [a b c d e] either ((to-integer user-bigger) = real-bigger) [alert "Rigth"] [alert "Wrong"] ] [ user-smaller: request-text/title "Which one was smaller?" real-smaller: minimum-of reduce [a b c d e] either ((to-integer user-smaller) = real-smaller) [alert "Rigth"] [alert "Wrong"] ] ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage