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REBOL [ Title: "Narriated Slideshow" Date: 18-Oct-2006 Name: 'Narriated SLIDESHOW ; For window title bar Version: 1.1.0 File: %narrated-slideshow.r library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: [tool] domain: [graphics sound] tested-under: [view WinXP] support: none license: 'public-domain see-also: none ] Author: "Louis A. Turk" Rights: "Public Domain; use at your own risk." Needs: "REBOL/View supporting sound" Purpose: {To make possible simple, easy to make narrated slide shows.} Note: { The concept and design originated with Louis A. Turk. DideC (Didier Cadieu) helped considerably by answering programming questions and giving bits of code; it would not have been possible without his help. Josh (Josh Shireman) also answered programming questions. Anton (Anton Rolls) corrected a centering problem. You can make wav files using the free program Audacity. Advanced JEPG Compressor does an excellent job compressing graphics files so they load faster, but is not free. } USAGE: { You must, of course, supply the slides and sound files. Put the slides and their associated sound files in the same directory as this script. You must create a data file named %slides.txt containing lines of blocks in the following format: Each block must contain: (1) slide-file-name, (2) overlay, (3) caption, (4) Use "" (an empty string) for no overlay or caption. Example file for a slide show of only two slides: [%slide1.jpg "A DEMONSTRATION OF REBOL POWER" "The World's Greatest Programming Language." %sound1.wav] [%slide2.jpg "" "Carl Sassenrath (left) is creator of the REBOL programming language." %sound2.wav] Question? Contact me on the AltME Rebol3 world. My user name is Louis. } History: [ 1.0.0 [ "First release." "Louis"] 1.1.0 [ "Centering problem fixed, thanks to Anton." "Louis"] ] Language: 'English ] ;file: request-file/title/only "Select the slides data file to use." "Select Data File" file: %slides.txt ;uncomment the above line, and comment this one to select data files with different names. slides: load file narrate: func [talk] [ ;--- Manage the sound sound-port: open sound:// insert sound-port load talk wait sound-port close sound-port ] view/new win: layout/size [] 650x650 ;<= Set the max size you need wait 0 ;---Initialize REBOL's internal event handler. foreach slide slides [ ;--- Start the slide show set [graphic overlay caption narration] slide lay: layout [ origin 0 banner center bold red "A REBOL Produced Narriated Slide Show" ;<= Change title as needed. image graphic overlay 500x400 frame black [unview] [quit] text 500 bold caption button "Quit" center [quit] ] lay/offset: max 0x0 win/size - lay/size / 2 append clear win/pane lay show win narrate narration ] do-events
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage