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REBOL [ Title: "MenuBar" Date: 11-Jul-2001 Version: 1.0.3 File: %menubar.r Author: "Gilbert Robitaille" Purpose: {A simple Bar Menu with the Choose Function and much more. } History: [ 1.0.0 2-Jul-2001 "Original version." 1.0.1 7-Jul-2001 "Add the auto size popup-menu." 1.0.2 8-Jul-2001 "Add some comment." ] Email: %g2mil--sympatico--ca library: [ level: [intermediate] platform: none type: none domain: [GUI x-file] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] ;----------- Some variables extraOn: false mainList: ["File" "Edit" "Extras"] subList: [ ["Add" "Hello" "---------" "Quit"] ["Undo" "---------" "Cut" "Copy" "Paste" "Clear"] ; change those word and the ["Menu" "On" "The" "---------" "Flight"] ; menu will change. ] aStyle: stylize [ bck: backdrop effect [gradient 2x2 gray] txt: text green bold font-size 14 shadow 3x3 dbx: box 215x2 effect [gradient 1x0 200.0.0] inf: info 180x25 font-color green bold shadow 3x3 edge none chc: inf font-size 14 center middle effect [gradient 1x0 200.0.0] inf: info 140x25 bold middle left edge none effect [gradient 240.200.200 200.200.240] ] ;----------- Main Menu menuBar: layout [ styles aStyle styl: chc ; that field is hidden, bck erase it bck at 0x10 indent 20 banner "A MENU BAR" dbx across pos1: at txt mainList/1 bold [pos1/y: mpos/y doChoose pos1 styl 1] pos2: at txt mainList/2 bold [pos2/y: mpos/y doChoose pos2 styl 2] pos3: at extra: txt mainList/3 bold [pos3/y: mpos/y doChoose pos3 styl 3] return mpos: at dbx below txt yellow "Click on File subMenu Add" txt yellow "and you get an extra Menu." txt yellow "Click again and that extra" txt yellow "Menu is gone." label infSpace: inf ] ;----------- Popup Menu Function doChoose: func [pos styl ref /local sref] [ ; make your choice ;-) if empty? head subList/:ref [return] styl/size: getSize subList/:ref styl choose/window/offset/style subList/:ref func [face btn] [ hide-popup either face/text = "---------" [sref: none] [ sref: index? find subList/:ref face/text] ] menuBar pos styl if sref [ showInfo ref sref doAction ref sref show menuBar ] ] ;----------- Switch Function ; if you replace add/remove for ajouter/enlever in french the switch still work, ; with out changing any things. doAction: func [ref sref] [ switch ref [ 1 [ ; the Files menu switch sref [ 1 [newList] ; the Add/remove 2 [] ; the Hello 4 [quit] ; the quit ] ] 2 [ ; The Edit menu switch sref [ 1 [] ; the undo 3 [] ; the cut 4 [] ; the copy 5 [] ; the clear ] ] ] ] ;----------- Helper Functions getSize: func [theList styl /local size xy num] [ num: 0 foreach val theList [ ; longer is the word larger is the menu styl/text: val ; just look the add/remove subMenu. xy: size-text styl if xy/x > num [size: xy num: xy/x] ] size: size + 10x6 return size ] showInfo: func [ref sref] [ infSpace/text: rejoin [mainList/:ref " menu at " subList/:ref/:sref] ] newList: does [ ; add an extra menu. either extraOn [remList] [ extraOn: true append menuBar/pane extra replace subList/1/1 "Add" "Remove" ] ] remList: does [ ; remove the extra menu. extraOn: false remove find menuBar/pane extra replace subList/1/1 "Remove" "Add" ] ;----------- Where every thing start do [ remove find menuBar/pane extra ; remove the extra menu at start. view/options menuBar [no-title] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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