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REBOL [ Title: "Dynamic Script Localization" Date: 06-Sep-2004 Author: ["Marco"] Version: 1.0.1 Email: [%marco--ladyreb--org] File: %locale.r Category: [tool] Library: [ level: 'beginner platform: 'all type: [function tool] domain: [gui] tested-under: [win] support: %marco--ladyreb--org license: PD see-also: none ] Purpose: { Locale.r extends the system/locale objet in order to supply a dynamique localization of applications } Modified: [ [1.0.0 5-May-2004 %marco--ladyreb--org {Création du programme}] [1.0.1 06-Aug-2004 %marco--ladyreb--org {Add windows title automatic update}] ] Usage: { do %locale.r view/title layout [ rotary "English" "Français" [ set-locale/show pick [french english] index? find face/texts face/text system/view/screen-face ] text add-locale my-text [english "English text" french "Texte français"] ] } ] ; **************************** ; Declare the public interface ; **************************** set-locale: add-locale: load-locale: save-locale: none slt: sla: none ; *********************** ; system/locale extension ; *********************** system/locale: make system/locale [ language: [english french] ; default translation languages, other language can be added default: 'english ; default is english current: none ; current is none. This value is set by the set-locale function text: [] set 'slt :text ; ***************** ; Translation table ; ***************** translation: [ ; General translation days [ english ["Monday" "Tuesday" "Wednesday" "Thursday" "Friday" "Saturday" "Sunday"] french ["Lundi" "Mardi" "Mercredi" "Jeudi" "Vendredi" "Samedi" "Dimanche"] ] months [ english ["January" "February" "March" "April" "May" "June" "July" "August" "September" "October" "November" "December"] french ["Janvier" "Février" "Mars" "Avril" "Mai" "Juin" "Juillet" "Août" "Septembre" "Octobre" "Novembre" "Décembre"] ] ; Translation for Rebol functions dialog [english "Dialog" french "Dialogue"] yes [english "Yes" french "Oui"] no [english "No" french "Non"] cancel [english "Cancel" french "Annuler"] what-is-your-choice [english "What is your choice?" french "Quel est votre choix ?"] ok [english "OK" french "OK"] downloading-file [english "Downloading File:" french "Téléchargemnt de fichier :"] bytes [english "bytes" french "octets"] select-a-file [english "Select a File:" french "Choisissez un fichier :"] select [english "Select" french "Selection"] custom [english "Custom" french "Custom"] enter-password [english "Enter password:" french "Entrez votre mot de passe :"] enter-username-and-password [english "Enter username and password:" french "Entrez votre nom et votre mot de passe:"] enter-user [english "User:" french "Utilisateur :"] enter-text-below [english "Enter text below:" french "Entrez du texte ci-dessous :"] ; Translation for standard window menu file [english "File" french "Fichier"] new [english "New" french "Nouveau"] open [english "Open" french "Ouvrir"] close [english "Close" french "Close"] save [english "Save" french "Enregistrer"] save-as [english "Save as" french "Enregistrer sous"] print [english "Print" french "Imprimer"] print-preview [english "Print preview" french "Apperçu avant impression"] print-setup [enplish "Print setup" french "Mise en page"] edit [english "Edit" french "Edition"] view [english "View" french "Vue"] cut [english "Cut" french "Couper"] copy [english "Copy" french "Copier"] paste [english "Paste" french "Coller"] find [english "Find" french "Rechercher"] replace [english "Replace" french "Remplacer"] insert [english "Insert" french "Insertion"] format [english "Format" french "Format"] font [english "Font" french "Police"] paragraph [english "Paragraph" french "Paragraphe"] tools [english "Tools" french "Outils"] options [english "Options" french "Options"] windows [english "Windows" french "Fenêtre"] cascade [english "Cascade" french "Cascade"] tile-horizontal [english "Tile horizontal" french "Horizonzal"] tile-vertical [english "Tile vertical" french "Vertical"] mozaic [english "Mozaic" french "Mosaique"] ] ; ******************************************************************************* ; Add a localization for a word to the base and return the current language value ; ******************************************************************************* set 'add-locale func [ "Add a word localization" 'word [word!] "A localized word" value [block!] "Block of Translation pair [language value ...]" ][ if not find translation word [ insert tail translation reduce [word copy []] ] change/only next find translation word value: union/skip value translation/:word 2 set-text word value select text word ] set 'sla :add-locale ; ********************************** ; Set text to current language value ; ********************************** set-text: func [ word [word!] value [block!] /locale v ][ if not find text word [ insert tail text reduce [ word either block? second value [copy []] [copy ""] ] ] change clear head select text word v: any [ select value current select value default either block? select text word [ ["< Undefined >"] ][ "< Undefined >" ] ] if word = 'months [ repeat i 12 [ change clear head months/:i v/:i ] ] if word = 'days [ repeat i 7 [ change clear head days/:i v/:i ] ] ] ; ************************ ; Load a localization file ; ************************ set 'load-locale func [ source [file! url! string! any-block! binary!] ][ foreach [word value] load source [ add-locale :word probe value ] ] ; ************************* ; Save to localization file ; ************************* set 'save-locale func [ where [file! url! binary!] "Where to save it." ][ save/header where translation compose [Title: "Rebol localization" Date: (now)] ] ; ************* ; Show the face ; ************* show-face: func [ face [object! block!] ][ if face = system/view/screen-face [ face: face/pane ] face: to-block face foreach item face [ if item/text [ item/changes: either item/changes [ union [text] to-block item/changes ][ [text] ] ] show item ] ] ; ******************** ; Set current language ; ******************** set 'set-locale func [ language [word!] "Language to set" /show face [object! block!] "Face to show" ][ current: language foreach [word value] translation [ set-text word value ] if show [ show-face face ] language ] set-locale default ] ; *********************** ; btn-enter redefinition ; *********************** use [tmp] [ tmp: get-style 'btn-enter tmp/text: system/locale/text/ok tmp/texts: reduce [system/locale/text/ok] ] ; *********************** ; btn-cancel redefinition ; *********************** use [tmp] [ tmp: get-style 'btn-cancel tmp/text: system/locale/text/cancel tmp/texts: reduce [system/locale/text/cancel system/locale/text/cancel] ] ; **************************** ; inform function redefinition ; **************************** inform: func [ {Display an exclusive focus panel for alerts, dialogs, and requestors.} panel [object!] /offset where [pair!] "Offset of panel" /title ttl [string!] "Dialog window title" /timeout time][ panel/text: any [ttl system/locale/text/dialog] panel/offset: either offset [where] [system/view/screen-face/size - panel/size / 2] panel/feel: system/view/window-feel show-popup panel either time [wait time] [do-events]] ; ***************************** ; request function redefinition ; ***************************** request: func [ "Requests an answer to a simple question." str [string! block! object! none!] /offset xy /ok /only /confirm /type icon [word!] {Valid values are: alert, help (default), info, stop} /timeout time /local lay result msg y n c width f img][ icon: any [icon all [none? icon any [ok timeout] 'info] 'help] lay: either all [object? str in str 'type str/type = 'face] [str] [ if none? str [str: system/locale/text/what-is-your-choice] set [y n c] reduce [system/locale/text/yes system/locale/text/no system/locale/text/cancel] if confirm [c: none] if ok [y: system/locale/text/OK n: c: none] if only [y: n: c: none] if block? str [ str: reduce str set [str y n c] str foreach n [str y n c] [ if all [found? get n not string? get n] [set n form get n]]] width: any [all [200 >= length? str 280] to-integer (length? str) - 200 / 50 * 20 + 280] layout [f: text bold to-pair reduce [width 1000] str] img: switch/default :icon [ info [info.gif] alert [exclamation.gif] stop [stop.gif]] [help.gif] result: copy [ across at 0x0 origin 15x10 image img pad 0x12 guide msg: text bold black str to-pair reduce [width -1] return pad 4x12] if y [append result [btn-enter 60 y first lowercase copy y [result: yes hide-popup]]] if n [append result [btn 60 silver n first lowercase copy n [result: no hide-popup]]] if c [append result [btn-cancel 60 c escape [result: none hide-popup]]] layout result] result: none either offset [inform/offset/timeout lay xy time] [inform/timeout lay time] result ] ; ************************************** ; request-download function redefinition ; ************************************** request-download: func [ {Request a file download from the net. Show progress. Return none on error.} url [url!] /to "Specify local file target." local-file [file! none!] /local prog lo stop data stat event-port event][ view/new center-face lo: layout [ space 10x8 vh2 300 system/locale/text/downloading-file vtext bold center 300 to-string url prog: progress 300 across btn 90 system/locale/text/cancel [stop: true] stat: text 160x24 middle] stop: false data: read-thru/to/progress/update url local-file func [total bytes] [ prog/data: bytes / (max 1 total) stat/text: reform [bytes system/locale/text/bytes] show [prog stat] not stop] unview/only lo if not stop [data] ] ; ********************************** ; request-pass function redefinition ; ********************************** request-pass: func [ "Requests a username and password." /offset xy /user username /only "Password only." /title title-text ][ if none? user [username: copy ""] pass-lay: layout compose [ style tx text 40x24 middle right across origin 10x10 space 2x4 h3 (either title [title-text] [either only [ system/locale/text/enter-password ] [ system/locale/text/enter-username-and-password ]]) return (either only [[]] [[tx system/locale/text/enter-user userf: field username return]]) tx "Pass:" pass: field hide [ok: yes hide-popup] with [flags: [return tabbed]] return pad 140 btn-enter 50 system/locale/text/ok [ok: yes hide-popup] btn-cancel 50 system/locale/text/cancel #"^[" [hide-popup] ] ok: no focus either only [pass] [userf] either offset [inform/offset pass-lay xy] [inform pass-lay] all [ok either only [pass/data] [reduce [userf/data pass/data]]] ] ; ********************************** ; request-pass function redefinition ; ********************************** request-text: func [ "Requests a text string be entered." /offset xy /title title-text /default str ][ if none? str [str: copy ""] text-lay: layout compose [ across origin 10x10 space 2x4 h3 bold (either title [title-text] [system/locale/text/enter-text-below]) return tf: field 300 str [ok: yes hide-popup] with [flags: [return]] return pad 194 btn-enter 50 system/locale/text/ok [ok: yes hide-popup] btn-cancel 50 system/locale/text/cancel #"^[" [hide-popup] ] ok: no focus tf either offset [inform/offset text-lay xy] [inform text-lay] all [ok tf/text] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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