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REBOL [ Title: "Image Sorter" Date: 30-May-2001 Version: 1.1.0 File: %image-sort.r Author: "Carl Sassenrath" Purpose: {A handy tool for sorting images into separate directories or deleting images. Includes scrolling list of image files with highlight and scrolling list of target directories. Also uses cursor keys, space, and backspace for navigation. } Email: %carl--rebol--com library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: none type: 'tool domain: [GUI file-handling] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] howto: { Click on a file in the upper list to view the image. You can use the arrow, space, or backspace keys to change images. Click the Scale button to scale all images to fit the window. To move an image, select a directory name from the lower list. The file will be moved to that directory. Click on the delete button or key to immediately delete an image. } files: [] dirs: [] a-file: none dirn: num: 0 ; scroll offsets date-of?: func [f] [all [f: modified? f f/date]] show-img: does [ if a-file [ img/text: none img/image: load root/:a-file name/text: reform [ a-file "-" img/image/size "-" size? root/:a-file "bytes -" date-of? root/:a-file] show [name img] ] show l1 ] move-file: func [/move dir] [ if a-file [ if move [write/binary root/:dir/:a-file read/binary root/:a-file] remove dir: find files a-file delete root/:a-file if tail? dir [dir: back dir] a-file: pick dir 1 ; could be none ] show-img ] next-file: func [/reverse /local file] [ either none? a-file [ a-file: files/1 show l1 ][ if a-file: all [ file: find files a-file file: either reverse [back file] [ either tail? next file [file] [file: next file] ] pick file 1 ; could be none ][ if (index? file) <= num [num: max 0 num - 1] if (index? file) > (num + max-files) [num: num + 1] show l1 ] ] show-img ] until [ root: request-file/title "Pick a directory by picking any file in it." "View" if not root [quit] if empty? root [alert "You must select a file in the directory."] not empty? root ] root: first split-path first root files: read root while [not tail? files] [ ; find dirs and images file: files/1 any [ all [dir? root/:file append dirs file remove files] all [find [%.bmp %.jpg %.gif %.png] find/last file "." files: next files ] remove files ] ] files: head files out: center-face layout [ style bx text white 40.40.40 bold center middle 120x20 backcolor pewter across at 20x20 h2 "Image Sorter" center 120 pad 10 name: info 450x24 ivory center sensor 1x1 keycode [right down #" "] [next-file] sensor 1x1 keycode [left up #"^(back)"] [next-file/reverse] button "Delete File" 160.0.0 #"^(del)" [move-file] tog: toggle "Scale" [ img/effect: either tog/state [[aspect]][none] show img ] button "Close" #"^(ESC)" [quit] return space 0 pad 0x10 t0: bx "Image Files" return l1: list 120x400 [ t1: text 116x14 font [size: 10 color: black shadow: none] [ a-file: t1/text t1/font/color: black show-img ] ] supply [ count: count + num t1/color: either all [t1/text: files/:count t1/text = a-file][ yellow] [l1/color] ] do [max-files: to-integer 400 / 14] s1: slider l1/size * 0x1 + 16x0 length? files [num: s1/data * length? files show l1] return pad 0x10 bx "Move Image To" return l2: list 120x150 [ t2: txt 116x14 font-size 10 [move-file/move t2/text] ] supply [count: count + dirn t2/text: dirs/:count] s2: slider l2/size * 0x1 + 16x0 length? dirs [dirn: s2/data * length? dirs show l2] return at t0/offset + 140x0 img: box howto 800x600 40.40.40 effect none frame 100.100.100 ;do [a-file: files/1 show-img] ] if empty? files [name/text: "No image files found."] view out
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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