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REBOL [ Title: "ico-parser2" Date: 14-Aug-2001/14:09:44+2:00 Version: 0.0.5 File: %ico-parser2.r Author: "Oldes" Usage: { ^-^-ico-parser/load-ico ;or %Icon21.ico ^-^-icon: ico-parser/get-icon^-;returns image ^-^-or ^-^-icon: ico-parser/get-icon/asFace^-;returns face ^-^-transparent color is in the parser object (ico-parser/key-color) ^-^-;--->see script %ico-view2.r how to use it} Purpose: "To get data from the windows *.ico files" Comment: {This is a little bit different from the ico-parser script (instead of mask there is only block of key (transparent) colors in the image. ^-^-(this is probably working only for icons in 24bits color depth!)} History: [ 14-Aug-2001 "oldes" {Fixed bug in the transparency of small (16x16) and large (64x64) icons} 8-Aug-2001 "oldes" {Improved - now should support even 4 and 8 bit color depth icons} 30-Jul-2001 "oldes" "initial version" ] Email: %oldes--bigfoot--com library: [ level: 'advanced platform: none type: 'tool domain: [file-handling GUI] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] ico-parser: make object! [ reversed: func[w][copy head reverse w] ico: none icon: none filename: none key-color: none flipedicAnd: icXor: icAnd: img: maskBits: none size: none specs: make object! [ icon: [ ;name bytes comment 'Reserved 2 ;Reserved (always 0) 'ResourceType 2 ;Resource ID (always 1) 'IconCount 2 ;Number of icon bitmaps in file ] iconDir: [ 'Width 1 ;Width of icon in pixels 'Height 1 ;Height of icon in pixels 'NumColors 1 ;Maximum number of colors - If the bitmap contains 256 or more colors the value of NumColors will be 0. 'Reserved 1 ;Not used (always 0) 'NumPlanes 2 ;Not used (always 0) 'BitsPerPixel 2 ;Not used (always 0) 'DataSize 4 ;Length of icon bitmap in bytes 'DataOffset 4 ;Offset position of icon bitmap in file ] BITMAPINFOHEADER: [ 'biSize 4 ;size of the BITMAPINFOHEADER structure, in bytes. 'biWidth 4 ;width of the image, in pixels. 'biHeight 4 ;height of the image, in pixels. 'biPlanes 2 ;number of planes of the target device, must be set to zero. 'biBitCount 2 ;number of bits per pixel. 'biCompression 4 ;type of compression, usually set to zero (no compression). 'biSizeImage 4 ;size of the image data, in bytes. If there is no compression, it is valid to set this member to zero. 'biXPelsPerMeter 4 ;horizontal pixels per meter on the designated targer device, usually set to zero. 'biYPelsPerMeter 4 ;vertical pixels per meter on the designated targer device, usually set to zero. 'biClrUsed 4 ;number of colors used in the bitmap, if set to zero the number of colors is calculated using the biBitCount member. 'biClrImportant 4 ] ] get-data-by-spec: func[ "Returns block of word and values and rest of the data file" data [binary!] "Binary data for examination" spec [block!] "Specification block of words and length in bytes" ][ values: make block! [] foreach [name bytes] spec [ repend values [name b: to-integer reversed copy/part data bytes] ;print [name b] data: skip data bytes ] ;print "--------------" reduce [values data] ] find-key-color: func[ "Finds color that's not used in the image for transparency" img-colors /local key "The key color" ][ while [found? find img-colors key: random 255.255.255][] key ] get-color-table: func [bData /noflip /local color-table][ color-table: make block! ((length? bData) / 4) foreach [B G R null] bData [ insert tail color-table to-binary reduce either noflip [[B G R]][[R G B]] ] color-table ] init: does [ ico: make object! [ icons: 0 dirs: make block! [] bitmapinfoheaders: make block! [] ] ] get-headers: func[/local tmp tmp2 ][ init tmp: get-data-by-spec icon specs/icon ico/icons: tmp/1/IconCount loop ico/icons [ ;First I get IconDir data: tmp: get-data-by-spec copy tmp/2 specs/iconDir append/only ico/dirs tmp/1 ;Then Bitmap info header: tmp2: get-data-by-spec skip icon tmp/1/DataOffset specs/BITMAPINFOHEADER append/only ico/bitmapinfoheaders tmp2/1 ] ico ] load-ico: func[file][ init filename: file icon: either url? file [ read-thru file ][ read/binary file ] get-headers ] get-icon: func[ "Gets the icon image from the ico loaded with 'load-ico" /num i "Which icon from the ico file (if not specified, the last one is used)" /asFace "Returns icon as face instead of image" /nosafeTransparency "Not Using safe transparency (faster - not all colors are tested)" ; /local pixels row crow bOffset icXor icAnd flipedicAnd ][ if ico/icons = 0 [print "No ico file loaded" return] if any [not num i > ico/icons] [i: ico/icons] icoDir: ico/dirs/:i icoHeader: ico/bitmapinfoheaders/:i width: icoDir/width height: icoDir/height size: to-pair reduce [width height] pixels: width * height bOffset: icoDir/DataOffset + icoHeader/biSize ;data start ;The next process depends on the color resolution of the bitmap ;that's in biBitCount value: switch icoHeader/biBitCount [ 4 [ colorTableLength: 64 image-data-length: pixels / 2 colorTdata: copy/part (skip icon bOffset) colorTableLength colorTable: get-color-table colorTdata ] 8 [ colorTableLength: 1024 image-data-length: pixels colorTdata: copy/part (skip icon bOffset) colorTableLength colorTable: get-color-table/noflip colorTdata ] 24 [ colorTableLength: 0 image-data-length: 3 * pixels ] ] bOffset: bOffset + colorTableLength icXor: copy/part ( skip head icon bOffset) image-data-length bOffset: bOffset + image-data-length icAnd: copy/part (skip head icon bOffset) (icoDir/DataSize - icoHeader/biSize - image-data-length) ;geting bmp pixels icBin: make binary! (pixels * 3) switch icoHeader/biBitCount [ 4 [ i: 0 while [not tail? icXor][ b: enbase/base copy/part icxor 1 2 c: 1 + to-integer load rejoin [ "2#{0000" copy/part b 4 "}" ] if none? colorTable/:c [probe c] insert tail icBin colorTable/:c c: 1 + to-integer load rejoin [ "2#{0000" skip b 4 "}" ] insert head icBin colorTable/:c icXor: next icXor i: i + 2 ] ] 8 [ while [not tail? icXor][ row: copy/part icXor width crow: make binary! #{} foreach c row [ c: 1 + to-integer c append crow colorTable/:c ] insert head icBin crow icXor: skip icXor width ] ] 24 [ while [not tail? icXor][ insert head icBin copy/part icXor (width * 3) icXor: skip icXor (width * 3) ] ] ] img: make image! reduce [to-pair reduce [width height] icBin] flipedicAnd: make binary! length? icAnd loop height [ insert head flipedicAnd copy/part icAnd (width / 8) icAnd: skip icAnd either width <= 32 [4][8];width / 8 ] ] maskBits: (enbase/base flipedicAnd 2) ;there are two ways how to do the transparency ;1. to find color that's not in the image and replace all colors ; in the img where the mask bitis 0 to this color (used for 'key effect) ;2. to find first transparent pixel (bit in the 'maskBits) and surmis ; that all (and only) this colors are transparent [this is faster] key-color: either nosafeTransparency [ either found? i: find maskBits #"0" [ pick img index? i ][ none ] ][ key-color: find-key-color icBin for i 1 (width * height) 1 [ if #"1" = maskBits/:i [poke img i key-color] ] key-color ] either asFace [ make face compose [size: ( img/size ) image: (img) edge: none] ][ img ] ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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