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REBOL [ Title: "ico-parser" Date: 31-Jul-2001/0:25:23+2:00 Version: 0.0.1 File: %ico-parser.r Author: "Oldes" Usage: { ^-^-ico-parser/file ^-^-ico-parser/file %Icon21.ico ^-^-;--->see script %ico-view.r how to use it} Purpose: "To get data from the windows *.ico files" Comment: {Not finnished yet, I need a help with the rest: ^-^-1. how to create transparent parts from the mask image ^-^-2. how to flip the mask image (in binary format) ^-^-... and some time to sleep as well:) ^-^-(this is probably working only for icons in 24bits color depth!)} Email: %oldes--bigfoot--com library: [ level: 'advanced platform: none type: 'tool domain: [GUI file-handling] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] ico-parser: make object! [ reversed: func[w][copy head reverse w] ico: none icon: none specs: make object! [ icon: [ ;name bytes comment 'Reserved 2 ;Reserved (always 0) 'ResourceType 2 ;Resource ID (always 1) 'IconCount 2 ;Number of icon bitmaps in file ] iconDir: [ 'Width 1 ;Width of icon in pixels 'Height 1 ;Height of icon in pixels 'NumColors 1 ;Maximum number of colors - If the bitmap contains 256 or more colors the value of NumColors will be 0. 'Reserved 1 ;Not used (always 0) 'NumPlanes 2 ;Not used (always 0) 'BitsPerPixel 2 ;Not used (always 0) 'DataSize 4 ;Length of icon bitmap in bytes 'DataOffset 4 ;Offset position of icon bitmap in file ] BITMAPINFOHEADER: [ 'biSize 4 ;specifies the size of the BITMAPINFOHEADER structure, in bytes. 'biWidth 4 ;specifies the width of the image, in pixels. 'biHeight 4 ;specifies the height of the image, in pixels. 'biPlanes 2 ;specifies the number of planes of the target device, must be set to zero. 'biBitCount 2 ;specifies the number of bits per pixel. 'biCompression 4 ;Specifies the type of compression, usually set to zero (no compression). 'biSizeImage 4 ;specifies the size of the image data, in bytes. If there is no compression, it is valid to set this member to zero. 'biXPelsPerMeter 4 ;specifies the the horizontal pixels per meter on the designated targer device, usually set to zero. 'biYPelsPerMeter 4 ;specifies the the vertical pixels per meter on the designated targer device, usually set to zero. 'biClrUsed 4 ;specifies the number of colors used in the bitmap, if set to zero the number of colors is calculated using the biBitCount member. 'biClrImportant 4 ] ] get-data-by-spec: func[ "Returns block of word and values and rest of the data file" data [binary!] "Binary data for examination" spec [block!] "Specification block of words and length in bytes" ][ values: make block! [] foreach [name bytes] spec [ repend values [name to-integer b: reversed copy/part data bytes] data: skip data bytes ] reduce [values data] ] file: func[ "Main converting function" source-file [file! url!] /local tmp tmp2 width height image-data-length icXor flipedicXor dataOffset i icAnd maskBits ][ icon: either url? source-file [ read-thru source-file ][ read/binary source-file ] ico: make object! [ icons: 0 dirs: make block! [] bitmapinfoheaders: make block! [] imgs: make block! [] masks: make block! [] ] tmp: get-data-by-spec icon specs/icon ico/icons: select tmp/1 'IconCount loop ico/icons [ tmp: get-data-by-spec copy tmp/2 specs/iconDir append/only ico/dirs tmp/1 tmp2: get-data-by-spec skip icon select tmp/1 'DataOffset specs/BITMAPINFOHEADER append/only ico/bitmapinfoheaders tmp2/1 width: select tmp/1 'Width height: select tmp/1 'Height image-data-length: 3 * (width * height) dataOffset: (select tmp2/1 'biSize) + (select tmp/1 'DataOffset) icXor: copy/part ( skip icon dataOffset ) image-data-length flipedicXor: make binary! length? icXor while [not tail? icXor][ insert head flipedicXor copy/part icXor (width * 3) icXor: skip icXor (width * 3) ] img: make image! reduce [to-pair reduce [width height] flipedicXor] append ico/imgs img icAnd: copy/part ( skip icon dataOffset + image-data-length) ((select tmp/1 'DataSize) - image-data-length) img: make image! to-pair reduce [width height] maskBits: (enbase/base icAnd 2) for i 1 (width * height) 1 [ if #"1" = maskBits/:i [poke img i 255.255.255] ] append ico/masks head img ] ico ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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