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REBOL [ Title: "UUID Generation Example via Windows SDK" Date: 10-Sep-2005 Version: 0.1 File: %guid.r Author: "David McAvenue" Purpose: {Command only example of interfacing to Windows SDK to generat UUIDs. Trivial given heavy lifting by others in Rebol community. Acknowledgements to all.} History: [ 0.1 [10-Sep-2005 "First Issue" "DMcA"] ] library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: [Windows] type: [how-to] domain: 'win-api product: 'Command tested-under: 'Windows support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] ; make-elements function to dynamically build the byte array previously ; developed by Gregg Irwin with credits to some others make-elements: func [name count type /local result][ if not word? type [type: type?/word type] result: copy "^/" repeat i count [ append result join name [i " [" type "]" newline] ] to block! result ] ; load the lib rpclib.dll: load/library %Rpcrt4.dll ; declare the structs and similtaneously variables to be used ; UUID struct GUID: make struct! GUID-def: compose/deep [ Data1 [integer!] ; DWORD Data2 [short] ; SHORT Data3 [short] ; SHORT (make-elements 'Data4 8 #"@") ; dynamically make BYTE(8) ] none ; CHAR ** for UuidToString strguid: make struct! GUIDSTR-def: compose/deep [ strval [string!] ; ] none ; declare the routines ; Bind to win SDK UuidCreate UuidCreate: make routine! compose/deep/only [ guidout [struct! (GUID-def)] return: [long] ; RPC_STATUS ] rpclib.dll "UuidCreate" ; Bind to win SDK UuidToString ; Could also easily use to-hex to build string UUID direct from the GUID ; struct UuidToString: make routine! compose/deep/only [ guidin [struct! (GUID-def)] guidstring [struct! (GUIDSTR-def)] return: [long] ; RPC_STATUS ] rpclib.dll "UuidToStringA" ; generate UUID UuidCreate GUID ; convert to string UuidToString GUID strguid ; release lib resource free rpclib.dll ; let's see it print uppercase strguid/strval
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage