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REBOL [ title: "GUI CRUD App Builder" date: 10-Dec-2013 file: %gui-crud-app-builder.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { CRUD is an acronym for "Create Read Update and Delete". Familiar types of apps such as contact managers, inventory systems, home video databases, etc., are examples of typical CRUD data storage applications. This script is a simple CRUD app maker that allows you to instantly create CRUD apps which store, retrieve, sort, etc. records made of fields of data. The generated application scripts can be customized however desired, by adding your own of code. Video is available at } ] builder: { fields: copy [] foreach widget widgets [ if (set-word! = (type? widget)) [append fields to-word widget] ] count: length? fields write/append filename "" dlt: does [ if true = request "Sure?" [ temp-block: copy [] foreach fld fields [ append temp-block compose do rejoin ["copy " fld "/text"] ] m: reduce temp-block remove/part find f: load filename do rejoin [ fields/1 "/text" ] count save filename f clr t/data: extract f count t/sld/redrag t/lc / max 1 length? head t/lines show g ] ] tl: does [ indx: (index? find t/data t/picked) - 1 * count repeat i (length? fields) [ wdgt: fields/:i cnt: i do rejoin [wdgt "/text: pick f (indx + cnt)"] ] show g ] clr: does [ foreach fc fields [ do rejoin ["clear-face " fc] ] do rejoin ["focus " fields/1] ] sv: does [ dlt save filename sort/skip repend f m count t/data: extract f count t/sld/redrag t/lc / max 1 length? head t/lines show g ] gui: [backdrop white] append gui widgets append gui [ h2 "Existing Records:" t: text-list blue 400x100 data (extract f: load filename count) [tl] box 1x10 white across btn "Save" #"^s" [sv] n: btn "New" #"^n" [clr] d: btn "Delete" #"^~" [dlt] btn "Edit Raw Data File" [editor filename] ] view center-face g: layout gui } view layout [ h4 "Application Title:" filename: field "MyApp" h4 "Add New Data Fields to Your App:" across field-label: field 250 "(Type a new field label here - no spaces)" field-type: drop-down data ["field" "area"] [ if face/text = "field" [field-size/text: "200x25"] if face/text = "area" [field-size/text: "400x100"] show field-size ] text "Size: " field-size: field 60 "400x100" btn "Add Data Field" [ if find filename/text " " [ alert "Please remove spaces from the App Title" return ] if find field-label/text " " [ alert "Please remove spaces from the field label" return ] if field-type/text = none [ alert "Please select a field type from the drop-down selector" return ] if find code-area/text join field-label/text ":" [ alert {Duplicate field labels not allowed. Please choose a new label for any added fields"} return ] append code-area/text rejoin [ { h4 "} field-label/text {:" } field-label/text {: } field-type/text { } field-size/text newline ] show code-area ] return h4 "App Layout Code (generated automatically by adding fields above):" return code-area: area 600x300 return btn "CREATE NEW APP" [ replace filename/text ".r" "" show filename if exists? to-file join filename/text ".r" [ alert {An application by that name already exists. Please create a new application file name.} return ] write created-app: to-file join filename/text ".r" rejoin [ {rebol [title: "} filename/text {"]} newline "filename: %" to-file filename/text newline "widgets: [" newline code-area/text newline "]" newline builder ] launch created-app ] btn "Run Existing App" [ if error? try [do request-file/only] [ alert {Error running selected app. Be sure to run ".r" files.} ] ] btn "Edit Existing App Code" [ if error? try [editor request-file/only] [ alert "Error editing selected app" ] ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage