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rebol[ File: %gen-syntx.r Author: "Tom Conlin" Date: 10-Apr-2003 Title: "generate syntx" Library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: [function reference tool] domain: [text ] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] Purpose: { generate the list of defined 'words separated by their 'type I used the list as a basis for syntax coloring in an editor works with versions before core 2.5.5 but does not return natives in core 2.5.5 works with some since then as well } to-use: {run the script then use the contents the file 'xyz-f'} ] echo %xyz-f help datatype! echo none xyz-a: read/lines %xyz-f remove xyz-a xyz-c: rejoin [";;;" tab system/product tab system/version tab now/date newline] foreach xyz-d xyz-a [ xyz-d: pick parse xyz-d none 1 echo %xyz-f do rejoin ["help " xyz-d] echo none xyz-b: read/lines %xyz-f ;print [xyz-d xyz-b/1] if equal? "Found these words:" trim xyz-b/1 [ remove xyz-b insert tail xyz-c rejoin [";;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; " uppercase copy xyz-d newline] xyz-e: rejoin ["(" head remove back tail copy xyz-d ")"];;; pre /core-2.5.5 foreach xyz-g xyz-b [ xyz-g: parse xyz-g none print [xyz-g/1 xyz-g/2] if all[ (string? xyz-g/1) (not equal? xyz-g/1 "") (not equal? "xyz-" copy/part xyz-g/1 4) any [xyz-g/2 = xyz-e xyz-g/2 = xyz-d]] [ if equal? xyz-e "(op)" [insert xyz-g/1 " " insert tail xyz-g/1 " "] insert tail xyz-c join xyz-g/1 [newline] ] ] ] ] write %xyz-f xyz-c
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage