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REBOL [ title: "Forum Reader" date: 18-May-2010 file: %forum-reader.r author: Nick Antonaccio purpose: { Offline reader to download, save, and read the entire collection of forum messages at (i.e., to keep the messages for later reference). The message block is stored at } ] topics: copy [] database: copy [] update: does [ topics: copy [] database: copy load to-file request-file/title/file "Load Messages:" "" %rebolforum.txt foreach topic database [ append topics first topic ] t1/data: copy topics show t1 ] view layout [ across t1: text-list 200x400 data topics [ messages: copy "" foreach [message name time] (at pick database t1/cnt 2) [ append messages rejoin [ message newline newline name " " time newline newline "---------------------------------------" newline newline ] ] a1/text: copy messages show a1 ] a1: area 400x400 return btn "Download Current Online Messages" [ write to-file request-file/save/title/file "Save Messages to File:" "" %rebolforum.txt read ] btn "Load Locally Saved Messages" [update] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage