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REBOL [ Title: "Open a file or directory requester" Date: 16-09-2017 Version: 1.4.11 File: %file-requester.r Author: "Marco Antoniazzi" Rights: "Copyright (C) 2012-2017 Marco Antoniazzi" Purpose: "Requests a file or directory" eMail: [luce80 AT libero DOT it] History: [ 0.0.1 [02-09-2012 "First version"] 1.0.0 [08-09-2012 "Finished"] 1.0.1 [09-09-2012 "Minor fixes"] 1.0.2 [21-09-2012 "Sort drop down path tree, update scroller on resize"] 1.0.3 [27-10-2012 "Fixed what-dir for keep, returned full path"] 1.0.4 [03-11-2012 "Minor fixes, return rebol file!"] 1.0.5 [09-06-2013 "Fixed external loading of tooltip style"] 1.0.6 [12-06-2013 "Fixed All filter on Linux, hide hidden files on Linux,made styles local"] 1.0.7 [15-06-2013 "Added some key shortcuts, wheel-scroll on drop-list"] 1.2.1 [16-06-2013 "Added multi-selection and sorting (now has same functionality as original)"] 1.2.2 [17-06-2013 "Fixed silly bug of convert string to block of files, default All filter on Linux"] 1.3.1 [18-06-2013 "Added file renaming (press F2)"] 1.3.2 [21-06-2013 "Fixed list size on Linux"] 1.3.3 [23-06-2013 "Fixed keep"] 1.3.4 [25-06-2013 "Added selection on key, fixed multi selection"] 1.4.1 [30-06-2013 "Added showing of sizes and dates, various fixes"] 1.4.2 [03-07-2013 "Various fixes for key shortcuts and multi selection"] 1.4.3 [23-11-2013 "Adapted to Rebol 3 (with vid1r3.r3)"] 1.4.4 [08-12-2013 "Changed gather-each"] 1.4.5 [26-02-2014 "Fixed dialogs offsets"] 1.4.6 [23-03-2014 "Changed behavior of left-right keys, improved load-script-thru"] 1.4.7 [12-04-2015 "Fixed find-any, fixed enquoting single file, fixed global cancelled"] 1.4.8 [28-03-2016 "Fixed single file selection when saving, improved enter handling"] 1.4.9 [17-04-2016 "Fixed update_list, fixed auto executing examples"] 1.4.10 [10-06-2016 "Added if not value?"] 1.4.11 [16-09-2017 "Fixed updating after changing sorting type"] ] Note: { Filters can be in the form: "*.a" or "*.a;*.b" or "Short description (*.a)" or "Short description (*.a;*.b)" or a block of such strings. Use arrows to move in list of files. Use also <Ctrl> to multi-select Use F2 to rename currently selected file } Category: [util vid files] library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: 'all type: 'function domain: [gui files] tested-under: [View Atronix-View] support: none license: 'LGPL2 see-also: none ] thumbnail: comment: "2-Sep-2012 GUI automatically generated by VID_build. Author: Marco Antoniazzi" todo: { - add possibility to not show hidden files (done for Linux) - allow searching - display preview - add status bar that shows number of selected files and the total size - check if new folder already exists - add /safe option when saveing to check if file already exists } ] ;**** please set correct path to vid1r3.r3 and sdk sources (or use empty string to use default path to sdk) **** if all [system/version > 2.9.0 not value? 'mimic-do-event] [do/args %../../r3/local/vid1r3.r3 %../../sdk-2706031/rebol-sdk-276/source] if not value? 'file-req-ctx [ file-req-ctx: context [ ; files, filter, new folder, rename, drop-list suffix?: func [ {Return the suffix (ext) of a filename or url, else tail of it.} path [any-string!] /local suff ][ either all [ suff: find/last path #"." not find suff #"/" ] [suff] [tail path] ] dir?: func [file [file!]] [#"/" = last file] is-link?: func [file [file!] /local str] [ ; WARNING: THIS IS A DIRTY HACK! if all [ equal? suffix? file %.lnk System/version/4 = 3 ;Win ;System/version <= 2.7.8 ; temporarily disable for R3 since find/any does not work attempt [str: read file] equal? head str find str #{4C000000} ] [str] ] undirize: func ["Returns a copy of the path turned into a file." path [file! string! url!] ][ path: copy path while [find "/\" pick path: back tail path 1] [remove path] head path ] parent-dir: func ["Returns the parent directory of given path" file [file!] ][ if equal? length? file 1 [return %/] head clear find/tail/last undirize file %/ ] get-win-vols: func [/local vols drive char] [ vols: copy [] repeat char 26 [ if attempt [read join %/ drive: to-file rejoin [to-char char + #"a" - 1 "/"]] [ append vols drive ] ] vols ] online?: does [not error? try [close open tcp://]] on-win?: system/version/4 = 3 to-itime: func [time [time!]] [ ; same as to-itime but MUCH faster time: form to time! to integer! time ; strip micros if 2 = index? find time ":" [insert time "0"] if 5 = length? time [insert tail time ":00"] head time ] find-any: func [ "Finds a value in a string using wildcards and returns the string at the start of it." series [series!] value [string!] /match /last /local last* str give_head emit pos pos2 non-wild-chars plain-chars tmp rule ][ last*: get load "last" give_head: none str: copy series value: copy value if empty? value [return none] ; normalize pattern while [find value "**"] [replace/all value "**" "*"] while [find value "*?"] [replace/all value "*?" "*"] if value = "*" [return series] if last [ reverse value reverse str ] if #"*" = first value [ remove value if not any [last match] [give_head: series] match: none ] emit: func [arg][append rule arg] non-wild-chars: complement charset "*?" plain-chars: [copy tmp some non-wild-chars (emit copy tmp)] rule: copy [] parse/all value [ some [plain-chars | "*" (emit 'thru) | "?" (emit 'skip)] ] ; If the last thing in our pattern is thru, it won't work so we ; remove the trailing thru. if 'thru = last* rule [remove back tail rule] value: compose/deep [any [(all [none? match 'to]) (first rule) pos: (rule) pos2: to end | thru (first rule)] ] if none? parse/all str value [return none] if last [pos: skip series (length? series) - (index? pos2) + 1] any [give_head pos] ] gather-each: func ['word [word!] data [series!] body [block!] /into result [block!] /local n] [;collect result: any [result copy []] foreach n data [set word n if do body [insert tail result n]] head result ] sort_files: func [files [block!]] [ sort/compare files func [a b] select [ "Name" [a < b] "Size" [(any [size? a 0]) < any [size? b 0]] "Date" [(any [modified? a 1-1-0]) < any [modified? b 1-1-0]] ] get-face choice-sort if "decreasing" = get-face choice-order [reverse files] files ] filter_and_sort: func [list [block!] /local temp-list filters par temp-dir-list temp-files-list] [ temp-dir-list: copy list if not get-face check-hidden [remove-each item temp-dir-list [find-any/match to-string item ".*"]] remove-each item temp-dir-list [not dir? item] sort_files temp-dir-list dirs-count: length? temp-dir-list if only-dirs [return temp-dir-list] ; apply filters filters: copy get-face choice-filter if par: find filters "(" [filters: next par] if par: find filters ")" [clear par] filters: parse filters ";" temp-list: copy [] forall filters [ gather-each/into item list [find-any/match item first filters] temp-list ] temp-files-list: copy temp-list if not get-face check-hidden [remove-each item temp-files-list [find-any/match to-string item ".*"]] remove-each item temp-files-list [dir? item] sort_files temp-files-list clear temp-list insert temp-files-list temp-dir-list temp-files-list ] add_folder: func [/local name][ name: request-text/title/default/offset "Enter the new folder name below" "New folder" (screen-offset? btn-+) - 290x26 unless none? name [attempt [make-dir path-name/:name replace_file-list path-name]] ] rename_file: func [/local scroller-pos old-name name] [ if (length? list-of-files/picked) = 1 [ scroller-pos: get-face list-of-files/sld old-name: first list-of-files/picked name: request-text/title/default/offset "Enter the new file name below" form old-name (screen-offset? btn-rename) - 220x26 unless none? name [ attempt [ rename old-name to-rebol-file name replace_file-list path-name set-face/no-show list-of-files/sld scroller-pos do-face list-of-files/sld none ] ] focus list-of-files ; to unfocus fields ] ] build_path-tree: func [/local path-tree paths n] [ path-tree: copy [] insert path-tree either on-win? [get-win-vols][read %/] remove-each item path-tree [error? try [read/part join %/ item 1]] forall path-tree [ change path-tree to-local-file first path-tree if find "\/" last first path-tree [change path-tree head remove back tail first path-tree] ] sort path-tree paths: parse/all path-name "/" paths: next next paths n: 0 forall paths [insert/dup first paths " " n: n + 2] if (length? head paths) >= 2 [ insert next find path-tree second head paths paths ] head path-tree ] show_drop-list: func [face [object!]] [ paths-list/data: build_path-tree show paths-list/update show-popup/window/away paths-lay face/parent-face do-events ] select_folder: func [dir [string!] /local path] [ path: find/tail copy path-name dirize trim dir dir: either path [dirize head clear path][to-file rejoin ["/" dir "/"]] if replace_file-list dir [add_to_undo-list] hide-popup ] ; update, replace_file-list, enquote, select_line, undo update_list: func [/local file file-info] [ file-list: filter_and_sort orig-file-list forall file-list [ file: first file-list file: path-name/:file either file-info: info? file [ change/only file-list reduce [file-list/1 set-size file-info/size file-info/date] ][ change/only file-list reduce [file-list/1 "" ""] ] ] file-list: head file-list clear list-of-files/data ; update and redraw file names text-list append list-of-files/data file-list set-face list-of-files/sld 0 ; FIXME: remember and restore last scroller pos (in undo-list) show list-of-files/update ] replace_file-list: func [dir-name [file! none!] /init /local temp-dir-list current] [ if error? try [temp-dir-list: read dir-name] [request/ok/type/offset "Can not read directory, please verify that the name is correct" 'alert req-win/offset + 100x100 return false] current: what-dir change-dir dir-name focus list-of-files ; to unfocus fields old-path-name: path-name unless any [init saving path-name = dir-name] [clear-face field-selected] path-name: dir-name clear orig-file-list orig-file-list: copy temp-dir-list set-face info-path to-local-file dir-name fn1/state: none ; reset this to avoid re-selecting when changing dir fn1/user-data: none ; reset update_list clear list-of-files/picked if init [ temp-dir-list: unique compose [(names)] forall temp-dir-list [alter list-of-files/picked to-file first temp-dir-list] ] show list-of-files/update change-dir current true ] enclose: func [s [series!] vals][head insert tail insert copy s first vals last vals] enquote: func [s [series!]][enclose s {"}] ;-- " set-size: func [value [integer!] /local num um bbb div index] [ um: [" KB" " KB" " MB" " GB"] bbb: [1024 1024 1048576 1073741824] num: value if num = 0 [num: 1] div: pick bbb index: to-integer (log-2 num) / 10 + 1 value: value / div value: case [value = 0.0 [0] value < 0.1 [0.1] 'else [round/to value 0.1]] rejoin ["" value pick um index] ] find-data: func [data [block!] value /local item] [ forall data [item: first data if find item value [return data]] ] select_line: func [/key dir [word!] control /local path str old-index new-index files] [ if empty? list-of-files/data [return false] focus list-of-files if empty? path: list-of-files/picked [ if find [up down home end] dir [ ; try to select 1st file append clear list-of-files/picked first pick list-of-files/data 1 show list-of-files/update if not dir? first list-of-files/picked [set-face field-selected list-of-files/picked] fn1/user-data: 1 return true ] return false ] path: first path either none? dir [ case [ dir? path [ if replace_file-list path-name/:path [add_to_undo-list] ] str: is-link? path-name/:path [ ; WARNING: THIS IS A DIRTY HACK! str: back find-any/last str "?:" ; find a: b: c: etc. drive letters str: to-string copy/part str find str #{00000000} str: trim/with/all str {^@} ; trim 0s if replace_file-list dirize to-rebol-file str [add_to_undo-list] ] 'else [ files: unique list-of-files/picked if (length? files) > 1 [forall files [change files enquote first files]] set-face field-selected files return false ] ] ][ dir: switch/default dir [ up [-1] down [1] ;page-up [negate visible-lines] ;page-down [visible-lines] home [-1000000] ; a great number end [1000000] ; a great number ] [return false] new-index: dir + old-index: any [fn1/user-data 0] new-index: min max 1 new-index length? list-of-files/data if new-index = old-index [return false] fn1/user-data: new-index ; set "key-cursor" unless control [clear list-of-files/picked] alter list-of-files/picked first pick list-of-files/data new-index show list-of-files/update either any[empty? list-of-files/picked dir? first list-of-files/picked] [ clear-face field-selected ][ files: unique list-of-files/picked if (length? files) > 1 [forall files [change files enquote first files]] set-face field-selected files ] true ] ] select_line-letter: func [letter /local list line] [ list: list-of-files/data if all [(length? list-of-files/picked) = 1 find/match first list-of-files/picked to-file letter] [list: next find-data list-of-files/data list-of-files/picked] forall list [ if line: find/match first first list to-file letter [ fn1/user-data: index? list ; set "key-cursor" line: head line append clear list-of-files/picked line show list-of-files/update if not dir? first list-of-files/picked [set-face field-selected list-of-files/picked] break ] ] ] add_to_undo-list: does [ if old-path-name <> path-name [insert undo-list old-path-name] ] undo: does [ if empty? undo-list [exit] insert redo-list path-name path-name: take undo-list replace_file-list path-name ] redo: does [ if empty? redo-list [exit] insert undo-list path-name path-name: take redo-list replace_file-list path-name ] ; gui load-script-thru: func ["Load a script from thru the cache" name [file!] /flash "Flash a message to the user" /warn "Alert user if script not found" /from path [file!] "Optional path where to search for the script" /local cache-name modul ][ if not value? 'view-root [view-root: either system/version/4 = 3 [%/C/Users/Public/Documents] [%/tmp]] cache-name: view-root/:name modul: any [ attempt [read cache-name] ; try the cache attempt [read name] ; try current dir attempt [read rejoin [undirize path "/" name]] ; try optional dir attempt [ ; try downloading it from modul: rejoin [ name] read either flash [request-download/to modul cache-name cache-name][modul] ] ] if modul [clear back back tail modul: load modul] ; remove example code if all [not modul warn] [alert rejoin ["Script <" name "> not found."]] modul ] if not value? 'Add-tooltip-2-faces [; tooltip style already loaded? attempt [do load-script-thru/flash %simple-tooltip-style.r] ] fcnt: 0 files: none ; make styles local info-path: arrow-d: btn-+: choice-sort: choice-order: btn-rename: list-of-files: field-selected: text-filter: choice-filter: check-hidden: btn-ok: btn-cancel: none fn1: fn2: fn3: fn4: none ticker-scroll: none file-req-styles: stylize [ choice: choice white - 20 font [style: none size: 11 colors: [0.0.0 255.150.55] shadow: none] edge [size: 1x1] ticker: sensor 0x0 rate none feel [engage: func [face action event][if event/type = 'time [do-face face face/data none]]] files-list: panel [ across space 0 list [ across space 0x0 fn1: txt 280x16 no-wrap feel [ redraw: func [face action position] [ picked: face/parent-face/parent-face/parent-face/picked face/color: either find picked face/text [yello][240.240.240] ] over: func [face into position] [ if all [many into integer? face/state][ clear picked if empty? list-of-files/data [exit] for n face/state min fcnt length? list-of-files/data either fcnt > face/state [1][-1][ if not dir? first pick list-of-files/data n [append picked first pick list-of-files/data n] ] show list-of-files ] if all [many integer? face/state][ case [ position/y < (list-of-files/offset/y + 4) [ticker-scroll/set -1] position/y > (list-of-files/offset/y + list-of-files/size/y - fn1/size/y) [ticker-scroll/set 1] 'else [ticker-scroll/stop] ] ] ] engage: func [face action event] [ if fcnt > length? list-of-files/data [exit] if event/double-click [ hide-popup face/state: none exit ] switch action [ down [ either all [many event/shift] [ if not event/control [clear picked] face/user-data: any [face/user-data fcnt] for n face/user-data min fcnt length? list-of-files/data either fcnt > face/user-data [1][-1][ if not dir? first pick list-of-files/data n [append picked first pick list-of-files/data n] ] ][ if any [not many dir? to-file face/text not event/control] [face/state: fcnt clear picked] alter picked face/text ] select_line ; update field-select and reshow ] over [if integer? face/state [append clear picked face/text ]] away [ if all [many integer? face/state][ case [ all [event/offset/y < 0 (fcnt - list-of-files/top) = 1] [ticker-scroll/set -1] all [event/offset/y > 20 (fcnt - list-of-files/top) = to-integer (list-of-files/size/y / fn1/size/y)] [ticker-scroll/set 1] ] ] ] up [ face/state: none if not event/shift [face/user-data: fcnt] select_line ; update field-select and reshow ticker-scroll/stop ] ] ] ] fn2: txt 60x16 right feel none fn3: txt 80x16 right feel none fn4: txt 55x16 right feel none ] supply [ fcnt: count: count + list-of-files/top files: file-list face/font/color: black face/font/style: [] face/text: "" if count > length? files [return none] if all [index = 1 dir? files/:count/1] [face/font/color: blue face/font/style: 'bold] if all [index = 1 is-link? join path-name files/:count/1] [face/font/color: blue] face/text: do pick [ [files/:count/1] [either dir? files/:count/1 [""] [files/:count/2]] [all [date? files/:count/3 files/:count/3/date]] [all [date? files/:count/3 to-itime files/:count/3/time]] ] index ] scroller with [list: none] [ list: face/parent-face if face/user-data = value: max 0 to-integer value * ((length? list-of-files/data) - (list-of-files/size/y / fn1/size/y) + 1) [exit] face/user-data: list-of-files/top: value show list ] ticker-scroll: ticker (0x0 - sp) [either value > 0 [scroll-drag list-of-files/sld] [scroll-drag/back list-of-files/sld]] with [ stop: does [data: 0 rate: none show self] set: func [dir][data: dir rate: 20 show self] ] ] with [ data: copy [] picked: copy [] top: 0 column1: none sld: none update: func [/local tot-rows visible-rows item] [ tot-rows: length? data visible-rows: to-integer (size/y / column1/size/y) sld/redrag visible-rows / max 1 tot-rows either visible-rows >= tot-rows [ sld/step: 0.0 ][ sld/step: 1 / (tot-rows - visible-rows) if column1/user-data [ sld/data: (column1/user-data) / tot-rows ; simple but it works if sld/data < sld/step [sld/data: 0] top: to-integer sld/data / sld/step ] ] sld/page: sld/ratio / 1.5 do-face sld sld/data self ] resize: func [new /x /y /local siz][ siz: new - size either any [x y] [ if x [size/x: new] if y [size/y: new] ][ size: any [new size] ] sld/page: sld/ratio / 1.5 foreach [face pair] reduce [ fn2 1x0 fn3 1x0 fn4 1x0 pane/2 1x0 ][face/offset: face/offset + (siz * pair)] foreach [face pair] reduce [ pane/1 1x1 pane/1/subface 1x0 fn1 1x0 ][face/size: face/size + (siz * pair)] foreach [face pair] reduce [ pane/2 0x1 ][face/resize face/size + (siz * pair)] ] append init [ sld: pane/2 sld/parent-face: pane column1: pane/1/subface/pane/1 pane/1/size: size - (pane/2/size * 1x0) pane/1/subface/size/x: size/x pane/2/offset: pane/1/offset + (pane/1/size * 1x0) pane/2/resize/y size/y ] ] ] req-win: [ do [sp: 4x4] origin sp space sp styles file-req-styles Across style text text black feel none style btn btn 24x24 btn "<" [undo] help "Back to previous folder" btn ">" [redo] help "Forward" btn "^^" [ if not none? path-name [ replace_file-list parent-dir path-name add_to_undo-list ] ] help "Go up one folder" style field field white white edge [color: gray + 30 effect: 'ibevel size: 1x1] info-path: field 365 [if replace_file-list dirize to-rebol-file face/text [add_to_undo-list]] pad (sp * -1x0) arrow-d: arrow down white 24x24 [show_drop-list face] help "Select a parent directory" btn-+: btn "+" 252.223.44 [add_folder] help "Create a new folder" return text "Sort by" choice-sort: choice "Name" "Size" "Date" 100x20 [replace_file-list path-name] text "in" choice-order: choice "increasing" "decreasing" 100x20 [replace_file-list path-name] text "order" btn-rename: btn "Rename" 100x20 252.223.44 [rename_file] help "Rename selected file or folder" return list-of-files: files-list 500x200 return field-selected: field 336 pad 0x2 text-filter: text "Filter:" pad 0x-2 choice-filter: choice "All files (*.*)" "Rebol files (*.r)" 120 [replace_file-list path-name] return pad 0x10 check-hidden: check-line "Show hidden files" no [replace_file-list path-name] pad 172x0 btn-ok: btn "Select" 100x24 #"^M" [cancelled: false hide-popup] btn-cancel: btn "Cancel" 100 #"^(esc)" [set-face field-selected "" cancelled: true hide-popup] key keycode [left] (0x0 - sp) [if replace_file-list parent-dir path-name [add_to_undo-list]] key keycode [right] (0x0 - sp) [undo] key keycode [f2] (0x0 - sp) [rename_file] do [btn-rename/offset/x: btn-cancel/offset/x] ] req-win: layout req-win if on-win? [remove find req-win/pane check-hidden] remove find req-win/pane list-of-files insert tail req-win/pane list-of-files ; put on top (to hide lower styles) req-win/user-data: reduce ['size req-win/size] req-win/options: [resize min-size 500x306] if value? 'Add-tooltip-2-faces [Add-tooltip-2-faces req-win] field-selected/feel: ctx-text/edit ; restore this paths-lay: layout/offset [ origin 0x0 at 0x0 paths-list: text-list (info-path/size * 1x0 + arrow-d/size * 1x0 + 0x200) [select_folder value] ] info-path/offset + (info-path/size * 0x1) ; patch to avoid closing pop-up with scroll-wheel system/view/popface-feel-win-away: make system/view/popface-feel-win [ process-outside-event: func [event] [ unless find [move time active inactive scroll-line] event/type [hide-popup] event ] ] resize-faces: func [siz [pair!]] [ foreach [face pair] reduce [ arrow-d 1x0 btn-+ 1x0 btn-rename 1x0 field-selected 0x1 text-filter 1x1 choice-filter 1x1 check-hidden 0x1 btn-ok 1x1 btn-cancel 1x1 ][face/offset: face/offset + (siz * pair)] foreach [face pair] reduce [ info-path 1x0 field-selected 1x0 paths-lay 1x0 list-of-files 1x1 paths-list 1x0 ][either in face 'resize [face/resize face/size + (siz * pair)][face/size: face/size + (siz * pair)]] list-of-files/update ] req-win/feel: make req-win/feel [ detect: func [face event /local siz][ if any [event/face = req-win event/face = paths-lay] [ switch event/type [ close [set-face field-selected "" cancelled: true hide-popup return none] scroll-line [ either found? find req-win/pane paths-lay [ either event/offset/y >= 0 [scroll-drag/page paths-list/sld] [scroll-drag/page/back paths-list/sld] ][ either event/offset/y >= 0 [scroll-drag/page list-of-files/sld] [scroll-drag/page/back list-of-files/sld] ] ] resize [ face: event/face siz: face/size - face/user-data/size ; compute size difference face/user-data/size: face/size ; store new size resize-faces siz show face ] key [ if all [system/view/focal-face system/view/focal-face/feel = ctx-text/edit] [ ; editing has precedence return event ] if word? event/key [if select_line/key event/key event/control [return none]] if all [event/key = #"^M" system/view/focal-face = list-of-files dir? any [pick list-of-files/picked 1 %a]] [if select_line [return none]] if all [event/key = #"^M" system/view/focal-face = info-path] [if replace_file-list dirize to-rebol-file info-path/text [add_to_undo-list] return none] if event/key = #"^M" [if "" = trim get-face field-selected [return none]] select_line-letter event/key if face: find-key-face face event/key [ if get in face 'action [do-face face event/key] return none ] ] ] ] event ] ] ; main old-path-name: path-name: none orig-file-list: ; the unsorted file list file-list: [] ; the sorted file list undo-list: copy [] redo-list: copy [] only-dirs: false dirs-count: 0 many: true saving: false names: none cancelled: none set 'request_file func [ "Requests a file using a popup list of files and directories." /title "Change heading on request." title-line "Title line of request" button-text "Button text for selection" /file name "Default file name or block of file names" /filter filt "Filter or block of filters" /keep "Keep previous settings and results" /only "Return only a single file, not a block." /path "Return absolute path followed by relative files." /save "Request file for saving, otherwise loading." /local result dir-path ][ req-win/text: any [title-line "Select a File:"] many: not only if save [many: false] if all [not many block? name] [name: pick name 1] field-selected/text: any [all [name form name] ""] names: any [name []] if filt [ filt: compose [(filt)] either on-win? [if not find form filt "*.*" [insert tail filt "All files (*.*)"]][insert tail filt "All files (*)"] choice-filter/text: first choice-filter/data: choice-filter/texts: filt ] btn-ok/text: any [button-text either save ["Save"]["Select"]] if only-dirs [list-of-files/resize list-of-files/size - 0x30] saving: to logic! save only-dirs: false replace_file-list/init any [path-name path-name: what-dir] show-popup req-win do-events unfocus if none? keep [ ; restore defaults choice-filter/text: first choice-filter/data: choice-filter/texts: ["All files (*.*)" "Rebol files (*.r)"] choice-sort/text: first choice-sort/data: head choice-sort/data choice-order/text: first choice-order/data: head choice-order/data path-name: none ] result: get-face field-selected if "" = trim result [return none] if any [only #"^"" <> first result] [result: enquote result] ; convert string to block of files result: parse result none forall result [change result to-rebol-file first result] dir-path: dirize to-rebol-file get-face info-path if only [return join dir-path result/1] either path [ insert result dir-path ][ foreach file result [insert file dir-path] ] head result ] set 'request_dir func [ "Requests a directory using a popup list." /title "Change heading on request." title-line /dir "Set starting directory" where [file!] /keep "Keep previous directory path" /offset xy [pair!] /local offs result ][ req-win/text: any [title-line "Select a directory:"] if offset [offs: req-win/offset req-win/offset: xy] btn-ok/text: "Select" ; restore default value if not only-dirs [list-of-files/resize list-of-files/size + 0x30] only-dirs: true replace_file-list any [where path-name path-name: what-dir] show-popup req-win do-events unfocus result: path-name if none? keep [ ; restore defaults req-win/offset: offs choice-sort/text: first choice-sort/data: head choice-sort/data choice-order/text: first choice-order/data: head choice-order/data path-name: none ] if cancelled [return none] result ] ] ] ; value? do ; just comment this line to avoid executing examples [ if system/script/title = "Open a file or directory requester" [; script not started by some else script probe request_file/keep/title/filter "gimme file" "Load" ["*.r; *.c" "files (*.s ; *.t)"] probe request_dir/title/offset "gimme dir" 100x100 probe request_dir/title/offset "gimme dir" 100x100 probe request_file/only/path/title "gimme file again" "Get it" halt ] ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage