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Script history for file-requester.r

Most information has been kept since about 13-March-2003

Last updated

Added or last updated on: 16-Sep-2017



Tagged as

author//marco antoniazzi

Version history

Submission versionVersion in scriptUpdated byWhenPublic?Update note
11.0.1luce809-Sep-2012 15:26Yesnew script
21.0.2luce8023-Sep-2012 16:14YesSort drop down path tree, update scroller on resize
31.0.3luce8028-Oct-2012 19:35YesFixed what-dir for keep, returned full path
41.0.4luce803-Nov-2012 18:28YesMinor fixes, return rebol file!
51.0.5luce809-Jun-2013 18:09YesFix external loading of tooltip style
61.2.1luce8016-Jun-2013 15:59YesFixes, added shortcuts, multi-selection and sorting
71.2.2luce8017-Jun-2013 17:28YesFixed silly bug of convert string to block of files
81.2.2luce8017-Jun-2013 18:37Yes
91.3.1luce8019-Jun-2013 17:58YesAdded file renaming
101.3.2luce8021-Jun-2013 18:20YesFixed list size on Linux
111.3.3luce8023-Jun-2013 16:48YesFixed keep
121.4.1luce8030-Jun-2013 16:10Yesselection on key, showing of sizes and dates, various fixes
131.4.1luce8030-Jun-2013 16:47Yeslittle fixes
141.4.2luce803-Jul-2013 18:19YesVarious fixes for key shortcuts and multi selection
151.4.3luce8023-Nov-2013 16:15YesAdapted to Rebol 3 (with vid1r3.r3)
161.4.5luce8026-Feb-2014 18:54YesChanged gather-each, Fixed dialogs offsets
171.4.8luce8013-Apr-2016 18:25Yesvarious fixes
181.4.9luce8017-Apr-2016 15:31YesFixed update_list, fixed auto executing examples
[live] 191.4.11luce8016-Sep-2017 9:03YesFixed updating after changing sorting type

Public versions

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