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REBOL [ Title: "Dump-Face" Date: 4-Jun-2002 Version: 1.0.0 File: %dump-face.r Author: "Romano Paolo Tenca" Purpose: {Dump a face and its subfaces and deep find shared faces in a pane (for debugging) Returns the face itself, so can be used like probe. Overwrite the standard Rebol function. } History: { ^-^-1.0.0 04/06/02 first public release ^-} Email: %rotenca--libero--it Web: library: [ level: 'intermediate platform: [] type: 'tool domain: [GUI debug] tested-under: none support: none license: none see-also: none ] ] context [ found: depth: none p: func [face depth flag n] [ print [ depth "N." n "Var:" all [in face 'var face/var] "Sty:" all [in face 'style face/style] "Off:" face/offset "Siz:" face/size "Edg:" all [face/edge face/edge/size] either flag [join "Flg: " all [in face 'flags copy/part form face/flags 15]][""] either face/text [rejoin [{Txt: "} copy/part form face/text 15 {"}]][""] ] ] system/words/dump-face: func [ "Dump a face or a pane and its subfaces (for debugging)" face [object! block!] /flag "Show also flags" ][ found: copy [] depth: copy "^-" dump-face face flag ] dump-face: func [ face [object! block!] flag [logic! none!] /local f ][ either block? face [ print [depth type? face] foreach f face [either object? f [dump-face f] [print [depth "Styles Name:" f]]] ][ if f: find found face [ print ["*** The face N." 1 + length? found "is in more than one pane. See the N." index? f] ] append found face p face depth flag length? found insert depth tab either function? get in face 'pane [ if all [in face 'subface object? face/subface] [ print [depth "-- Subface (List):"] dump-face face/subface flag ] ][ if object? face/pane [ print [depth "-- Pane: object!"] dump-face face/pane flag ] if block? face/pane [ print [depth "-- Pane: block! [" length? face/pane "]"] foreach f face/pane [dump-face f flag] ] ] remove depth ] if 1 = length? depth [clear found] face ] ] ;all what follow can be commented out or cancelled if system/user/name <> "Romano Paolo Tenca" [ print "Example of 'face in more than one pane':" x: make-face/size/spec 'text 3x3 [text: "Duplicated face"] y: layout [p1: panel [ p2: panel []]] append y/pane x append p1/parent-face/pane x append p2/parent-face/pane x dump-face/flag y halt ]
halt ;; to terminate script if DO'ne from webpage
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